How To Make Money With Google AdSense Online Without A Website Or Blog

We all know that information is power and without the right information everything will seem impossible or as if you are doing it the wrong way just as you might be thinking right now. Making money online is one of the widely searched terms on search engine as everyone that lives want to make money online without stress but how possible is that? Anyway, everything is possible is love and war.

Do you know it’s possible to make money online with Google AdSense without a website or a blog? You are not sure right? Anyway, the fact is that you can make money online with Google AdSense without a website or a blog of your own most especially if you are too busy to create a website of your own or to start a blog just like most of us that make money online do!

Just take for instance that this blog is not been updated constantly and maintained, definitely it will be outshined by competitors and perhaps you will not be reading this post today but with this method, you don’t have to go through the stress of maintain and racking your brain concerning blogging primary tools

Making money online by creating a blog is very easy but its incurs hard time than expected when it comes to optimizing your blog on constant basis, and targeting the right channel for your traffic to boost your earning if truly monetizing with Google AdSense or some other Google Alternatives that works.

 To make money online with Google AdSense is very easy but getting AdSens approval is not as easy as you might be thinking and as a result you may want to think that making money with AdSense is not real but the single fact is that bloggers are making money with AdSense.


 To become a smart blogger that makes money with his or her blog from AdSense you must be dedicated, smart, and ready to face some of the blogosphere hurdles that often arises from search engine most of the time like search engine algorithm update which no one can tell who might fall victim of being negatively affected.

Making money with AdSense without a website require a simple task from your side and unlike having a website or blog of your own that you will have to monitor at all time, most especially whether your host down time is high or people a scrapping your content but to be free from all these website or blog maintaining hurdles.

You need a valid AdSense account to start making money with this great site I’m about sharing with you but if you have not gotten a valid one, no qualms. During registration you will be asked whether you have a valid AdSense account or not, otherwise you will be taken by hand on how you can create a valid AdSense account and get approve with time. Note that, whatever you make from this site will be shared into two (50:50).

In this post, I will be sharing with you 2 website you can make money online from without having a website of your own. Hopefully, after reading through this post, you will give a testimony that one can truly make money online without a website, most especially with Google AdSense.

First and foremost, if you are not having a valid AdSense account, I advise you start with the first on the list as it will help you to get AdSense approval with time and you can start by first optimizing your publisher ID into other websites of your choice to boost your AdSense income.

Flixya : Flixya is a video sharing site just like YouTube where you share and download video almost for free with millions of visitors per month. To start with, if you do not have a valid AdSense account, Flixya will help you to get one with time when you apply using the site for getting approval. After the approval, login to your AdSense account to copy your publisher ID and optimize it on your Flixya user profile so that AdSense will start display on your content.

For competitive reason, the more traffic your content drives the more the chance of getting high AdSense display and perhaps more clicks and your earning will be reflected directly on your account. One good thing about Flixya is that, you will not be required for AdSense login details.

HowHub: Howhub is another great website that let you optimize you AdSense code on their website and start making money just like the first one. Howhub is not a video website but a website where you can publish content that related to how and you will stand the chance of earning 100% of you ads click.

 In the first place, you earning will be slashed into 50:50, but will stand the chance of boosting your income to 100% which is what you have when you have a website of your by inviting your friend to enjoy the grace as well. No payment is required for joining this site and your AdSense account is fully secure as long as you do not go against AdSense TOS yourself.

These two websites enables you to make money online with Google AdSense without having a website of your own. AdSense terms and conditions still apply to your account on this website and any attempt to perform illegal act such as clicking on your own ads will get you account terminated.

Do you find this article helpful? Do not hesitate to share the good work with your friends out there so that they too can start making money online without a blog or knowing how to create a website.


  1. Marcello Ricky Reply

    Really nice article. I liked In this post, there will be sharing with you 2 website you can make money online from without having a website of your own.. Thanks for shareing

  2. Roma Reply

    When I create account for adsence it asked me for the website? I want to work in howhub.Should I mention howhub site for ceating adsence account?

    • Thegeekiepedia Post authorReply

      Yes but you can also use your own website. Meanwhile HowHub is a third party site to get AdSense approval

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