How To Make Payment With My Nigeria Paypal Account

It is no more a news that Nigerian can now open and verify their paypal account here in Nigeria. Nigeria Paypal user no longer needs to hide their IP address or open paypal account with foreign address before they can fully enjoy paypal in Nigeria. Since Nigeria has been added to paypal eligible country, I have not use it to make payment online but of recently, I used my Nigeria paypal account to pay my new hosting account without any hurdles.

Here in this post you will learn how to make payment with your paypal account and the money will be deducted from the bank account you used to verify your account. As a Nigerian, you can use virtually any MasterCard such as GTbank MasterCard, and other available Nigeria MasterCard and prominently, you can as well use Payoneer Debit Mastercard.

If you have not sign up for free paypal account, navigate to Nigeria paypal registration page and click on signup. After that, open your primary email and validate your account by clicking on the link Paypal sent to your mail account. After that, verify your account using your available MasterCard and it is very easy to do that.

On your paypal homepage click on verify and add your MasterCard details for verification and after that a token will be sent to your Email account, copy and paste the coloured part of the code and click verify and then you are good to go.


And now to make payment with your Nigeria paypal account, do select Paypal as your payment method and you will be redirect automatically to paypal login page, login and click on pay now. The account you linked with your paypal account will be debited with the dollar amount equivalent provide you have sufficient amount in your account.


Note that you don’t need to fund your paypal account before you can use it to make payment online and you cannot receive payment with Nigeria paypal as of this time but hopefully, Nigerians would be able to receive payment with their account when paypal think it’s the right time to give up the chance.

And now that Nigeria is the second largest African country with highest number of Paypal user, I think we Nigerian stand the chance of been eligible to paypal full features.

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