Meizu Pro 5 Revealed With Vanilla Android Coming Soon

Meizu Pro 5 got leaked online with pictures is far more than just a glimpse with the device is sights to runs on Vandilla Android. We have in the past, various Meizu in the race of this model but coming with some big stuff this time with a shootout to all fan about the ‘pro’ which eventually makes it a big knock for the device with Vandilla Android. Rumour about Meizu Pro 5 rocks the internet last week, and far from glimpse to a close look revealed that it indeed one of the biggest ambassador of the brand.

What rock today via out the internet is the photo of the upcoming Meizu Pro 5 with rumour saying it runs Vandilla Android, meanwhile the photos are eye catching and indeed a leak for Meizu.

Like it was made known that this flagship smartphone is not running on it own Flyme OS and purportedly moved to Vandialla Android build OS.

Meizu Pro 5 Review And Specifications

For the fact that Meizu pro 5 abandoned it own operating system and port to Vandialla means a lot to fan, although it does not mean that they have neglected their hard made OS anyway but this send a message to all and sundry.

Meizu pro 5 is a 5.5 inch flagship smartphone, 1080 pixels resolution and running Vandilla Android but quite unfortunate that this time, on Meizu pro 5 there won’t be anything like Snapdragon since it runs on different OS entirely.

The smartphone features 3GB/4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage with an expandable microSD which rumour do not exactly revealed. The device features a 23MP back camera and can’t really say much about it front camera but should not be less than 5MP.

Meizu Pro 5 Price And Release Date

We are not so sure about the price but it is expected to be around  $470 and it should be expected by 25th, September.

Meizu Pro 5 Leaked Photos

Meizu Pro 5 gsmarena_003 gsmarena_004 gsmarena_002

We will bring to you Meizu Pro 5 when available for sale, do stay tune to this site.

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