Move From One Web Hosting To Another Web Hosting Server

Is moving from one web hosting to another web hosting server a thing of necessitation? Yes, it’s when life becomes more difficult from those that you entrusted your trust on to trust again. I know our readers may found this very funny but to be able to give our readers the best of what they always need from us, it’s quite necessary to make sure that whatever we do is always at the best of our service.

Over the year, this blog has been on the same hosting server without thinking of moving it from the server but this day, things have changed drastically probably from our hosting company ends and we have to think twice on what to do concerning whether to move to another server or not, and finally this month, we concluded on moving from our previous hosting to another hosting company and perhaps, before this month runs to an end, this blog will be running on a more reliable server and better hosting plan. The simple analogy that brought about this move is as simple as;

“To ruin your blog overnight, then try to joke with your blog downtime, and if you cares not about your income, then don’t write epic content that would be search engines friendly”.  And since we care so much about serving you our readers better, it is best for us to take a decision that will both beneficiaries to us.

Switching from one hosting to another hosting company is of the practical illustration that can be likened to someone moving from one location to another, after that; the need to find an apartment follows or checkout some reliable caretaker to get a reputable apartment with required facilities, after, payment follows.

 Even after the payment, it’s yet to be completed; then moving into the new apartment, perhaps in a more conducive environment is the next line of action. So also is moving your blog from one host to another host.

Since 2013, this blog has been successfully powered by a same hosting company with unbearable hurdles late 2014, but early late February/early March, the stability of our web host service provider got worsen and instead of losing our credibility, we need to be on our feet as to what can be done to make life better for those that manages this blog and you our loyal readers.


We are not only planning to move from our previous hosting company to another one, but we are well rebranding everything about this blog, including the blog URL to a more professional one which will make our effort more professional and at least gives you our readers a sense of belonging that this blog is not a branded blog but a universal one which was established to serve people like you as a source of the renowned internet world where most things are right there at your fingers tip.

Note that the rebranding we are bring to this blog is for innovation that will make it one of the best blog in the niche it belongs to and without loss of generality, we hope to server you better even more than before.

We will come up with the exact procedure we followed to move our blog from the previous hosting server to the proposed one, and host; the new URL was as well changed without mixing words as well as without loss of organic traffic.

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