Review: Mobile Payment Service and Everything about MyPaga

In the world of mobile banking, you can make reckon with Quickteller as one of the means to transfer funds online, receive funds online, pay for services such as DSTv subscription fee, pay for flight online, book flight ticket from your bedroom with Quickteller but have you checked out MyPaga as Quickteller competitor?

One of the easiest ways to maintain cashless policy is the use of online mobile banking that easily make it easy for users to transfer money from one account to another with receipt and without any deficiency whatsoever. With, you can do more than you think you know about internet banking. is an online mobile banking service that lets you transfer money from your bank to another third party account with the use of your mobile phone, thank God for what technology has done so far. With, it is very easy to send money on your high-end mobile internet service enable and also, if your mobile phone battery is flat and you still want to transfer money in Nigeria or to someone outside Nigeria, you can just walk to agent outlet to transfer your money.

One feature MyPaga of all time is the ability of user to send money to Nigeria partner or your partner outside Nigeria.

If you have ever used POS to pay for items you buy such as when you go shopping or in a cafeteria, or boutique, you will understand the fact that, going cashless yet having huge money with you as long as you have your ATM is indeed a great advantage compared to when there was no cashless policy maintained. For Cashless Policy Mastermind Review

MyPaga isn’t the only internet banking website online that is functioning well outside Quickteller. There are many of then, however, today we are taking a close look at Mypaga review as touching everything you need to know about MyPage internet banking and how to send money to Nigeria or send money to your colleague outside Nigeria.

One of the benefits I enjoyed using internet banking is to pay my bill right from the comfort of my home provided there is internet connection. And with internet banking service, if am too lazy to checkout Quickteller, I easily send money or transfer money from my account to any third party as a Paga without hiccups.

What Can I do With

Before you register for account for free, you may want to know what are the benefits of using MyPaga. Here, let quickly rush over the benefits of using MyPaga internet banking service.

As it is, there are 4 un-compromised all time benefits you will enjoy as a Paga, all for free with encryption secure service.

1. Send Money to Anyone

This service enable you to send money from Paga to anyone with mobile phone number irrespective of the person’s location.

2. Merchant

Pay for goods and service online with your mobile phone right at the comfort of your room or office, even in your car.

3. Buy Airtime And Data

We often rush out of airtime or data in most times, most especially when we need to put an urgent call through to a partner or colleague, with you can easily help you buy airtime and data with just a single click on your Paga account.

4. Pay Bill

This my favorite Paga service. With, I easily pay for my DSTv subscription and other bills with my phone

How to Open Account Summary

Before we move to how to register and verify MyPaga internet banking account, below is teh summary of what we will discuss under this headline.

1. Visit site

2. Click on create Paga account

3. Select your Paga account type

4. Fill in your exact personal detail

5. Pick security token you can easily remember

6. Click on I will add bank account and credit card later

7. Login to your email account to verify you Paga account application

8. Once you have verified your Paga email account

9. Then verify the mobile number you used during registration

In the next section, you will learn the practical way to open a verified MyPaga account with screenshot of the entire steps.

How to Register Very Fast

The deal about this post is to write a Mastermind review about base on our experience. However, as part of the review, this headline will walk you through step by step procedure you need to follow to open MyPaga account without stress.

1. Visit MyPaga and click on create new account on the homepage

2. A new page will open once you click on create new account. Under the creation of MyPaga account, there are three options for you to choose from depending on your plan(s) for using MyPaga which are;

  1. Personal account
  2. Business account
  3. Agent account

And for the sake of this review, we aim to talk about how to open MyPaga personal account since you want to majorly use to send to money in Nigeria to any of your fellas.

3. Click on create personal account and a page will popup. Fill them accordingly with your real details.

4. MyPaga will prompt you to select an image to curate your own security token. After that, click on continue to proceed.

5. Accept terms and condition and then click on register button to the right

Congratulations, you have successfully register an account with MyPaga.

6. The page that follows will ask you to add your bank account. At this point, you don’t need to add your bank account, credit card. All you need to do is click on I will add my bank account later and on next page, I will add my credit card later.

How to Verify Account

1. MyPaga will send a verification link to your email account for verification. Then, login to your email account and verify your MyPaga account. MyPaga will verify both your Email and mobile number number to ensure you are not a fraudster and that you are using your real details.

2. Once you receive MyPaga phone verification code, enter it to the required section and click on done.

3. The your personal account status will change from unverified to verified.

Next on MyPaga, we will share with you how to make money as MyPaga agent without stress.

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