National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) List of All Courses

Two of my friends go to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) studying criminology and political science respectively and they are doing pretty good. National Open University of Nigeria popularly called “NOUN” isn’t an alternative as most people think of it; in fact they are one of the competing Universities in Nigeria as at this time which builds up great scholar in the country and leaders of tomorrow.

It’s quite through that going to “NOUN”, you will have to build yourself on the level of academic platform you will love to find yourself however, we have seen the intake of great writers like Brian Trace in one of his book titled “GOAL” emphasized on the usefulness of self-intuition and self setting goal to get things done faster than you could ever think.

If you think going to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is a waste of time, then going to other universities as well could be likened to that, why? National Open University of Nigeria is an accredited University by NUC and as such, the university has what it takes to stand and build great scholars to positively influence the country.

National Open University of Nigeria Admission

You don’t need JAMB before getting admitted to National Open University of Nigeria, 5 credits including Mathematics and English in your arm will earn you admission in to NOUN to pursue your undergraduate program and the number of years varies depending on your course of study.

National Open University of Nigeria offers admission into various programs such as; Diploma program, Undergraduate program, post graduate Diploma program, Master degree program and Doctor of philosophy.

National Open University of Nigeria Course Material

It’s known that lecturer’s can only give student limited course materials and as such, students are enjoyed to go online and search for relevant materials on the course they are studying, read them and digest them to the last gram in order to broad their knowledge about such course or topic. So also is what National Open University Students do, as a student in NOUN, you need to go online and search for relevant materials, read them and the will surely help you to understand what you are doing the most.

National Open University of Nigeria School Fees

NOUN school fees varies depending on your faculty. One of my friends that is currently studying criminology pays close to forth five thousand Naira when he got admitted into the school, but the school fee reduces as the level increases. So to say, NOUN school fee cannot be predict as it prone to changing

National Open University Accredited Course

National Open University offers all arms of courses in their program starting from art class down to science class. However, below are the list of accredited in National Open University of Nigeria.

National Open University Post Graduate School
National Open university of Nigeria offer the following Programmes at post graduate level.
MSc. Information Technology
PGD. Information Technology
PGD. Digital Communication
PGD. Mobile (Wireless) Communication Technology
PDG. Agric and Extension

The following courses are currently available at National Open University of Nigeria for undergraduates.
BSc. Mathematics
BSc. Computer and Mathematics (Combined Hons)
BSc. Computer Science
BSc. Data Management
BSc. Communications Technology
BSc. Agricultural Extension and Management
BSc. Nursing Science
BSc. Community Health
BSc. Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESM).

B.Sc (ED) Agric Science
B.Sc (ED) Biology
B.Sc (ED) Chemistry
B.Sc (ED) Computer Science
B.Sc (ED) Physics
B.Sc (ED) Integrated Science
B.Sc (ED) Mathematics
B.Sc (ED) Business Education
B.A (ED) primary Education
B.A (ED) Early childhood Education
B .A (ED) English
B.A (ED) French

National Open University of Nigeria list of courses for school of Arts and Social sciences

AIS Registrable Courses
CSS Registrable Courses
CTH Registerable Courses
B.A French And International Studies
Mass Communication Registerable Courses
Peace, Conflict and Resolution Registrable Courses.
Political Science

Courses available under the serving unit of National Open University of Nigeria
BSc. Physics
BSc. Chemistry
BSc. Biology

That is it about National Open University of Nigeria and number of courses offered in the institution. Hope you find your choice?

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