New Innjoo Max 2 System Update

Innjoo Max 2 3G rolled out new software date. Have you updated your own device? If not, let me quickly walk you through how to update your Innjoo Max 2 software to the recent update if the update failed to pop up on your device.

In actual sense, if you always connect to the internet, you will see the update without stress otherwise you will have to take a walk around the device about and click on system update.

The system update is an awesome one to be frank. Its weighs just 56mb but its really worth it and it amazes me after installing the update. So, following the direction below, you will be able to update your Innjoo Max 2 system update with just a click.

Innjoo Max 2 System Update Info

You don’t need an expert to help you do this. If you can learn with little or no supervision, you will be able to do that on you own.

But before you download and update your Innjoo Max 2 system update to the latest OS, make sure you do the following.

1. Unroot your Innjoo Max 2 if it is rooted already

2. You don’t need to back up your device when you are updating your Innjoo Max 2 OS.

3. Make sure you device is 30% full or better still, connect to power source.

How To Update Innjoo Max 2 System Update

Now that you already know what to do before updating your Innjoo Max 2 to the latest system update, let go down to the procedure.

1. Navigate to your phone settings

2. Click on “About Phone” at the bottom end of the settings screen

3. On the next page, click on system update

NOTE: Make sure you are connected to a strong internet connection or preferably Wi-Fi.

After Updating Innjoo Max 2 System Update, What Will Happen?

If you have successfully downloaded the system update. The next thing for you would be to install it on your device. Just put it in mind that when installing the system update on your device, it might last for more time, than usual. During my Innjoo Max 2 system update, its last for almost 8-9 minutes and its restart on its own. After the installation, you can begin to enjoy the benefit of the new system update.

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