Nine Different Versions Of The Latest Windows 10

Windows 10 version comes like the older Windows 7 version, just like we have Windows 7 ultimate, Windows 7 basic and the likes. The Windows OS which has been in existence for one and half decades now has various version of Windows operating system, starting from Windows XP, Vista  and following that same trend, the expectation of Windows 10 operating system is what all and sundry are really expecting.

It’s quite fortunate that latest Laptops and desktops are mostly running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 OS, and as it were, both the deficiency and the merit is right on user finger tips. However, for Microsoft to make it real and hit perfect, the incoming Windows 10 is coming in nine different forms which you can all choose from depending on your needs.

The forms of the Windows 10 depending on the primary purpose of the system, and the configuration the system carries, so in this post you will be enlisted with the nine Windows 10 forms that customers can enjoy to the fullest.

Windows operating system seems to be following a single trend but sometimes with different version. The arrangement of the form will follow the bottom-top trend, meaning that the listing will start from the least one to the top.

Windows 10 OS


This Windows 10 for number 9 calls the IoT core version and it has the least cost of all the devices.


This is Windows 10 mobile Enterprise which available for Smartphone users. The Windows Enterprise package is licensed for individual.


Another Windows 10 mobile enterprise for Smartphone users but differs from the previous one in the sense that it allow user access to app store, and also to all the universal app. It also helps you to make use of your Smartphone like computer when you run this OS on your device


This is called the Windows 10 Education, mainly for academic purpose. This version of Windows 10 was mainly designed for students and teachers to enhance excellent academic performance. A student running he Window 10 Home or Pro can easily upgrade to this version.


This is called the Windows 10 Enterprise with device guard for blocking any apps that might be of negative effect on your computer. This version ensures the safety of your computer and can serve as semi-virus protector by blocking out all unwanted apps.


This version depends on the third version of the Windows where you will directly get the access to update your Windows version for business. The order area of benefits of this version is that you can choose to delay your security update for reason best known as long as it genuine.


This is called the Windows 10 pro with all the function of Windows 10 Home alongside direct access to cloud service and managing mobile device service.


This version is called the Windows Cortana which is only available in version of Windows 10 Home depending on a certain locations. This is as well called Windows 10 Home with Microsoft digital personal assistance and here comes the name, Cortana.


This is the first version of Windows 10 OS and is the general basic computer users called the Windows 10 Home. As the name implies, this version features all the necessary basic Windows OS. Vitally, it supports universal apps and some browsers to make browsing the internet very easy at free will.


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