OnePlus Mini Leaked Featuring Rear Mounted Fingerprint Scanner And Dual Camera In Tow

OnePlus mini that was leaked around the net few days ago is now trending as another OnePlus flagship smartphone brand. According to source, it was revealed that the company is working on another smartphone which will be unveiled before the end of this year. Pei, who happens to be co-founder of OnePlus restricted himself from answering some certain questions patterning to how the leak OnePlus mini will look and how congruency the specs will be when likened to other variants of OnePlus.

The picture of the upcoming OnePlus mini was sited on Chinese mobile-dad website and the pictures are pretty great and the design seems to be more better than OnePlus 2 which was launched in USA 11th August this year.

According to Chinese mobile-dad it was said that the expected price of OnePlus mini when release should be around $249 which is still affordable for an average smartphone user.

OnePlus Mini Leaked Pictures

Below are the two pictures of OnePlus mini that was leaked via our source.

OnePlus mini

OnePlus mini

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