How to Operate Clickbank in Nigeria Successfully

We know that Clickbank is one of the ways to make money as an affiliate marketer but no so easy for Nigerians. Which is very nice but sad enough to know that Clickbank doesn’t fucking play with Nigeria registrant. One known fact about Clickbank affiliate and Nigeria is it’s difficult to operate clickbank in Nigeria successfully.

There are many review about clickbank, most especially how to survive with clickbank affiliate in Nigeria but it’s all about tricking Clickbank during restration. But in case of Nigeria, soon after signed up, it is often difficult to run clickbank successful in Nigeria.

To every clickbank publisher, it is very easy to open clickbank account and operate it in Nigeria successfully if you know how to go about it. If you are fortunate to signup successful with clickbank, getting paid as a Nigeria is another nightmare.

I know of few fellas who paid to learn how to open clickbank account in Nigeria. Funny enough, you don’t have to pay to buy from clickbank. Some think the company is bias, but they are not. Since Nigeria is not the only country behind the scene of clickbank, so, you may not want to buy the ideanthat clickbank hate Nigerians.

Few other people drop Clickbank for its alternative, meanwhile there is no alternative to the best. If you  know how Clickbank works, you won’t think of better alternative for clickbank as a Nigerian. Meanwhile, you need to learn how to operate clickbank in Nigeria before you even sign up for Clickbank account.

The way I recommend Clickbank for Nigerian is to first read clickbank review, get to know exactly what the company needs, how to play safe, before thinking of promoting Clickbank product.

Here in this post, we will give you a stress free ride on how to operate Clickbank in Nigeria successful including how to open clickbank in Nigeria, how to receive Clickbank payment in Nigeria, how you as a Nigerian can easily create Clickbank account and start promoting products from clickbank.

Operare Clickbank in Nigeria:What is Clickbank all about?

If you don’t know the kind of products you can promote as a Clickbank affiliate before sign up, operating Clickbank successfully will like a hell. And for equity, we should know where we all belong. Not only in an ideal world, even as a Clickbank affiliate, you need to know the kind of product you can promote on clickbank.

You may want to as what is clickbank? Clickbank is an online market place where digital products are being sold. When you as an affiliate sold a product, you will earn certain percentage of the products cost price called commission. The number of products you can promote on Clickbank isn’t limited. You can promote as much as you can, all you need to do is make sales to earn huge commission on Clickbank.

To be frank with you, you don’t have a reason to think twice before you start promoting clickbank product. Why? Because they are legit and they have been around for years now.

How to Open Clickbank Account as a Nigerian

It’s a good news to let you know that Clickbank allow any IP address coming from Nigeria, so you don’t need VPN to open clickbank in Nigeria. But funny enough, Clickbank don’t do send payment check to Nigeria. And that baffles me.

It’s a known fact that any company the put Nigeria IPs behind the scene will not allow Nigerians to participate in whatever they do but that isn’t the case of Clickbank. So, with Nigeria IP, you can operate Clickbank in Nigeria successfully.

One of the main reason to join Clickbank is to have other source of income outside AdSense. For that reason, you need a foreign account to receive Clickbank payment. Next, we will discuss how to receive Clickbank money in Nigeria through ATM bank.

Since there is no need to hide your IP address when applying for Clickbank affiliate, the we’ll head straight to open clickbank account with Nigeria IP.

1. Visit Clickbank and fill in your exact detail but pick another African countries like Ghana since Nigeria is behind the wall of selling, and promoting clickbank product.

operate clickbank in Nigeria

2. Get a virtual home address from fakenamegenerator and search for information that matches your profile, such as you gender, country (Ghana) and keep the information somewhere for next step.

3. Go back to your Clickbank registration page and enter the virtual address but with your exact name and real email address.

4. On completing your new Clickbank account registration as a Nigerian using Ghana as your country, then head straight to your email and verify your application. Meanwhile, there is no need to hide your IP address.

Operate Clickbank in Nigeria: How to Withdraw Clickbank Payment

If you are good at marketing products online, you have a lot to worry about on how to receive your commission most especially from companies that put Nigeria behind the firewall, and Clickbank isn’t left out.

Here is the simplest way to Clickbank commission as a Nigeria and withdraw your money from any ATM machine in Nigeria.

And now that you have valid clickbank account, we then find a way to withdraw our commission before hand from Clickbank. However, to withdraw from Clickbank as a Nigerian, we will make use of Pyaoneer.

Payoneer is a credit card that can be used to receive payment from companies that does not allow Nigerian to partner with them as an affiliate. To open a Payoneer as a Nigerian is very simple. Meanwhile, you can check through a guide we published on how to open a Payoneer in Nigeria and receive it right on time.

Then next step will be how to link your Payoneer to Clickbank account. Next step will address the issue of adding Payoneer to Clickbank account as a Nigerian.

Operate Clickbank in Nigeria: How to Add Payoneer to Clickbank Account

To receive Clickbank commission in Nigeria, we need a direct deposit and that can only be done via Payoneer. Here in this section, we’ll look at how to add payoneer to Clickbank account in Nigeria for a direct deposit so that we can withdraw it from ATM here in Nigeria, and you can sell your Payoneer fund to Payoneer buyer if you so wish. But we will not cover how to sell your Payoneer fund in Nigeria. To add Payoneer to Clickbank account in Nigeria, just proceed to the following steps.

1. Login to your Clickbank account and select account settings at the top right of your homepage.operate clickbank in Nigeria

2. Scroll down to payment option and click on edit tap. A new page will pop up and you will be take to where you can add your account information.

operate clickbank in Nigeria

Note: Fill your Clickbank account information  strictly with the guide below

  • Select direct deposit from the payment method option
  • Select your minimum threshold
  • Select United State as your bank (Since Payoneer is a United State based company)
  • Write “First Century Bank” in the bank name option
  • Fill other information such as Account Number” and “Routing Number.
  • Select “Checking” from the last option
  • Click on save button at the bottom of the page and you are done adding payment option to Clickbank as a Nigerian.

operate clickbank in Nigeria

Note: Your Clickbank payment threshold can be altered at any time depending on your choice of payment. You can choose monthly payment or weekly payment. Which means that, whatever you earn with this period will be paid directly into your bank account (Payonner) provided you rise above the threshold.

Next is to talk on how to withdraw your Clickbank money using Payoneer from ATM in Nigeria.

Operate Clickbank in Nigeria: How to Withdraw Clickbank Commission in Nigeria from ATM

I know this is a good news, and want you would love to hear. At the end of everything, you can now withdraw your Clickbank commission here in  Nigeria. Isn’t that great? Follow the steps below to withdraw your Clickbank earning directly from ATM here in Nigeria.

1. Login to your Payoneer account

2. From your account main menu, click on withdraw tab and then to bank account (Click on Add new to add account if you have not add one)

3. From the drop-down menu, select the currency balance or card you want to withdraw from

4. Next, select the bank account you want to withdraw to.

5. In the withdrawal field, enter the total amount you want to withdraw

6. The next field is a description filed which is not mandatory but you can enter a short description for your transaction.

7. Check your supplied information to make sure you have the correct one

8. Enter your security confirmation and click on finish button.

Once the transaction is done from your Payoneer account to your bank account, you will receive a confirmation message via your email, and is usually within 3-5 working days. Afterward, you can then walk to any ATM in Nigeria and withdraw your Clickbank money.

This is actually the best way to operate Clickbank in Nigeria successfully without the fear of how can I withdraw my money from Clickbank.


  1. Tolu Reply

    Thanks for all these beautiful write up. I opened a clickbank account with Nigerian IP in early September 2016 following this old method but to my great surprise, the account was closed within 48 hours. I first thought I had problem with my login details, I ordered for password reset but i was told my email address is no more found on their server. I opened another Clickbank account with Nigerian IP to be very sure but they also closed the account within the following 48 hours. I mean I could not login into the accounts after 48 hours.

    Likewise, Payoneer does not send money to Nigeria again. I checked my payoneer back office, the withdrawer button is no more available on the page. one can only sell his/her payoneer fund to exchangers

    • Thegeekiepedia Post authorReply

      Hi Tolu,
      I sincerely sympathized with you for your Clickbank issue. Meanwhile, I will take a look at the issue and find a last solution to it. In case of Payoneer issue it may be as a result of your network problem. May be you should try to login to your Payoneer with 3G network

  2. Samuel Reply

    After filling Personal information, How do you fill Banking information if you do not have an account with any of those countries listed?

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