How To Download Paid Android Apps For Free

We all love to download paid Android apps for free instead of free app itself even if it incurs few buck. Paid Android app is always the best to me, since am not an iOS fan and they are rated higher compared to free app.

Many time we scared at the paid apps while searching for one favorite Android apps with the intention of downloading them but later found out that the free version can only perform limited task compare to the paid one. So, do we need to pay for the paid app?

Yes so that we too can find a way to reward the developer but if we think otherwise may be there is no much on you to pay the app, then you might want to try this method to download your favorite paid app for free.

Download Paid Android App for Free Using Android Apps

I sincerely go against downloading Android apps from unauthorized website if your device is rooted because you device is prone to compromising by unknown fellow, and in that case, instead of downloading paid Android app from a website that offers it for free, I would rather suggest that you get your paid app directly from play store without paying a cent.

Download Paid Android Apps for Free Using Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart alpha app is good at downloading paid Android apps from Google playstore but I detested it for the fact that it requires root access before you can use the app. If you are not good at what you go with your Smartphone it will be better not to use Blackmart paid app downloading method as you have the chance of contacting Trojan that can easily compromise your device.

How To Download Paid Android Apps for Free From Play Store

The method to download paid Android app here does not require root access and you should be able to grab it at a single glance. All tutorial on this are carried out on your Android phone.

1. Download and install GetApk market app on your Android

2. Launch PlayStore app on your phone and search for your desire paid Android app using the search box.

3. Scroll down to the button of the app page and click on share.

Paid Android app

4. From the list of pop up, select Getapk and share it with it.

Paid Android app1

5. On Getapk page, select “GET at the top right of the page and select either the first or second direct link.

Paid Android app3

6. Wait for a while and click on skip this ad, and you will be redirected to the downloading page and your app will downloading.

Paid Android app4

That is it on how to download paid Android app for free without rooting your Android device.

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