How to Pay DSTv Subscription with GTbank Online

GTbank offers internet banking service that makes it very easy to pay for products and services online with mobile phones with internet connection, Laptops connected to the internet via wireless or cable. With GTbank internet banking you can pay DSTv subscription with GTbank online service.

As a DSTv subscriber, to stay connected at all time, you must renew your subscription consistently otherwise, you will be disconnected the moment your DSTv package subscription expires.

One of the best ways to stay connected to DSTv is to renew your subscription on time on or before the expiring date, so also is GOTv subscription.

Irrespective of the DSTv package you subscribed to, it’s safe to renew your subscription on time except you want to be disconnected as soon as possible by the service once your subscription period lapsed.

Meanwhile, what you will learn here today is exceptional different means you can use to pay your DSTv subscription with GTbank online using internet banking.

How to Pay Your DSTv Subscription with GTbank online

The approaches to pay your subscription via GTbank will be carried out on PC with internet connection which is follow suits the process when carried out of mobile. Meanwhile, a full screenshot of the procedure with be included to foster your mind that we truly pay our DSTv subscription online with GTbank internet banking service.

However, before you can make an attempt to pay your DSTv subscription online in Nigeria, either with GTbank or other banks, you need to have an internet banking account with your bank if not GTbank with a valid token.

So, in this guide I strongly believed that you already have an internet banking account with your login details, and token at the same time. Nevertheless, if you have not gotten your internet banking details for online transaction, you can still read through so that you will have a full knowledge of how to pay your DSTv subscription with GTBank at the end.

How to Make DSTv Subscription with GTBank online

The below steps will show you the step-by-step guide on how to pay DSTv subscription online using your GTbank internet banking.

1. Go to GTbank iBank page and click on login here button

DSTv subscription with GTbank2. Login with your internet banking details (Username and password) and click on proceed to internet banking

DSTv subscription with GTbank

3. Hover your mouse to the left of your GTbank internet banking page and click on payments & collections and select  quickteller.

DSTv subscription with GTbank

4. Click on Quickteller under Payments & Bills, and click on add new select account type, fill in the necessary details and select DSTv subscription from the drop down menu in Billers name section and your DSTv package and click on  continue  button.

DSTv Subscription with GTbank

5. Enter your token on the next page and click on submit. Note that you will be charged 100 for your DSTv subscription with GTbank.


With GTBank internet banking, you can always pay DSTv subscription online.

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