Why People Buy Playstation 4, An Xbox One, Or Wii U

Will recently discuss why reasons why you should buy Playstation 4 as the best video game. And if you have been toiling around the internet for a while about the best video game or which video game is best, you must have seen so many reviews talking about Playstation 4 as the best video game, Xbox One as another video game and perhaps Wii U as another amazing video game you can decide to spend your money on but the question now arise that why do you think people love to buy Playstation 4, an Xbox one or Wii U video game?

Playstation 4 part 2

Due to individual differences, we do things different and that implies that video games lover buy any of this games base on individual reason and likeliness. As technology began to advance so also are researchers love to know more new things that happens around them. As a new study was revealed by Nelson who asked consoles owner for the top reasons why they choose to buy the latest machine leaving the existing ones alone and the responds Nelson got shows a huge preference for Playsatation 4, Xbox One and Wii U.

Console-purchase-factors Nelson

Like I earlier said that it depends on individual differences and from the Nelson chart above, it shows the feedbacks from the research. From those that love Playstations 4, the reason why they loved the video games include the game better resolution followed by Blu-ray Player, game library, fast processing power and finally what their family love. The second one, Xbox One lovers highlighted that they loved it because of the brand, perhaps Microsoft, innovative features, fast processing, exclusive games/content and the fun aspect of the video game.

Those that see Wii U as the best option have a strong feeling for what their kids love and the market price of the machine and the machine backward compatibility. Which of these video games always come first on your agenda? Playstation 4 Or Xbox One Or Wii U?

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