Perfect Way To Use Mac As WiFi Hotspot To Other Devices

Using Mac as WiFi hotspot is a better way to enjoy private wireless network on other device. With Mac on your side, you should be able to use WiFi hotspot on any other device without having to buy different access for each device. For instance, you are planning to go to Café or wanting to use hotel or school internet connection via wired connection where payment is a must meanwhile you can connect to Ethernet for free if you ever care about it. Or think of it in the other hand, if the WiFi connection is rather weak and Ethernet connection seems better, the best option at this point is to use your Mac as WiFi hotspot and let other device have access to the internet.

The trick is simple and easily justifiable, what I mean by saying that you should use your Mac as WiFi hotspot means that your Mac will serve as a router to other devices around you. It simply take the Ethernet connection you are using and turn it into WiFi signal without using any third party software just like we normally do on Windows.

The best way is to think of using Mac inbuilt radio as WiFi hotspot could be when the internet connection is frustrating, then turning your Mac to WiFi hotspot to give better connection to other gadget could be the only way out. The fun of it is that, you can even connect another PC to your Mac.

How To Turn Mac Into A WiFi Hotspot

It only takes few minutes to start using your Mac as WiFi hotspot, and it does not require any special or third party tools. With the Mac inbuilt radio, you can simply turn your Mac into router for your other device to connect through it.

Below is the complete guide on how you can easily turn your Mac into a WiFi router and enjoy the same service on your other gadgets.

  1. From your Mac system preference, click on the sharing button and select share your connection from the drop down menu. Then select Ethernet port or Thunderbolt for new Mac user, underneath it select WiFi from the options

Mac As WiFi Hotspot

  1. On the pop screen, do your WiFi normal settings like changing the name, use a password to secure your WiFi and click on Ok to continue.
  2. Tick the internet sharing on the left hand side under service and click on start on the new pop up that appears and you are done.

Mac As WiFi Hotspot .

The negative side of using Mac as WiFi hotspot is that, you cannot create a WiFi hotspot on your Mac when your Mac is connected to the internet using wireless but when using cable, it is quite easy to turn your Mac into wireless router for your other device to see.

Nevertheless, it is not every organization that uses wireless connection, you can still find some wired connection in hotel, Cafe, and school etc where you can easily make use of cable on your Mac and then use it as a WiFi hotspot for other devices.

How To Use Mac As A WiFi Hotspot Via Bluetooth

This is another method that can be used to turn your Mac into wireless router but the discharged service might be a little bit slower but nevertheless, it can still be of help for your other gadget in terms of internet connection. What you need to do is connect your Mac to WiFi and then share the connection through Bluetooth PAN. And with this, you should be able to use your Mac as a WiFi hotspot when the need truly arise but note that, the bandwidth rate will increase tremendously.

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