QuickTeller.com: 5 Amazing Things you can do with QuickTeller

In the world of internet banking and cashless policy nations, pay for products and services online, transfer money from one account to another, buy both local and international airtime, pay for event tickets, book flight tickets online, quickteller.com online service has played a major role in providing these services over the past years.

Knowing fully that with quickteller you can easily send money from your local bank account to any third party account in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, you can also pay for DSTv subscription via Quickteller.com online internet banking, Renew GOTv subscription and do virtually everything that has to do with money transfer or funding of account online with quickteller without fear.

However, there are some amazing features you stand to benefits when you use www.quickteller.com more or less mobile banking. We take a close look at 5 benefits of quick-teller service based on our experience for the past few years.

Quickteller.com is an online internet banking service that can be used to send money from one account to another including third party accounts, pay for products and services online such as DSTv subscription, GOTv subscription, buy airtime via Quickteller app etc.

5 Amazing Things You can with Quickteller .com service

Over the past few years, Quickteller.com has dominated most online internet banking such as send and receive money option such as in the case of moneygram, pay for products and services online, buy airtime and data subscription on Quickteller. However, below are 5 Quickteller services we have been using for the past 5 years!

1. Renew DSTv Subscription Using QuickTeller.com

The Barclays Premier League is adjudged the best football league in the world for many reasons and can be watched at all time on DSTv provided you have a valid subscription. Many at times, your DSTv subscription will expire without you taking conscious of it and to avoid being disconnected, you have to renew your subscription and you not be able to do that until the week after if it happens during the weekend but Quickteller service, you can easily renew both DSTv subscription and GOTv subscription without being disconnected even during the weekend.


2. Use QuickTeller.com As e-Wallet

Going around with loads of cash in this modern world is a disgrace. With services like Quickteller, MyPaga you only need Android phone with Quickteller app installed on it alongside internet connection to make payment or with the use of USSD codes.

Quickteller e-wallet is the service for you to make payment easily at the comfort of your home. Back in the days, you will have to walk to a banking hall before you can make most payments, or transfer money to third party but with the help of Quickteller.com service, you have everything at the tips of your fingers.


3. Book A Flight Using QuickTeller.com

For the traveler who once queue at the embassy before they can book a flight tickets, here is a solution for you. Quickteller offers an amazing flight booking service right from the comfort of your office. Like traveling to Ghana, Dubai and most developed countries need not be a hassle again. With Quickteller, you enjoy the convenience of booking on hold your flight to Ghana on African World Airlines (AWA).


4. Refer Your Friends And Earn with Quickteller.com

Quickteller did it in such a way that you earn money when you refer a friend to make any transaction via its platform. To earn from quickteller, simply signup for Quickteller refer program and you will be reward a percentage whenever someone register and send or receive money via Quickteller.


5. Send Money Using Quickteller.com e-Cash

You can transfer funds, pay DSTv subscription, GOTv subscription, pay PHCN bill using Quickteller USSD codes on your phone. Using either of this USSD codes is independent of your phone, it can be used on touch-light phones or high-end smartphone.

If you don’t want to use Quickteller USSD codes to make transaction, you can just login to your Quickteller account and send the money via e-cash.


Few other services you will enjoy using quickteller internet banking include free stuffs, send and receive money via BBM and many more.


  1. Raphael Reply

    I have been using quickteller app for over 2 years now and i can comfortably tell you that it is the best app i have ever come across. If you’ve ever been in a fix before you’ll understand how important this app could be. I recommend this app for everyone.

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