QuickTeller.com Review: A Mastermind Look at Quickteller Service

Since the introduction of internet banking and cashless policy, transfer of money from one bank account to another via mobile phone and high-end smartphone has been so easy using QuickTeller.com service.

Online internet banking service such as QuickTeller, MyPaga.com etc make it very easy to send money in Nigeria from one bank to another, make it easy to make DSTv subscription, GOTv Subscription, Book flight online right at the comfort of your room, pay for your Visa service, buy airtime, both local and international airtime and data subscription, receive moneygram using Quickteller internet banking service, and with QuickTeller.com, you can shop online and pay for your service using your mobile phone.

To foster the ability to maintain cashless policy in most developed and developing countries, the use of internet banking became so popular at exactly the limelight, which can easily be used to transfer money from one account to another and get your payment receipt instantly, and still stay safe with your bank details.

And with QuickTeller internet banking service you can do more than just sending money from one account to another.

QuickTeller.com is an online internet banking service that makes it easy for you transfer money from your bank account to another third party account, thanks to modern technology.

I can now pay for shopping online without leaving my room, receive moneygram directly to your bank account directly, renew your subscription service with just a click.

One of the reason why you should use Quickteller to transfer money is that it can be used during the weekend.

One the features of QuickTeller that I covet so much is the ability to send money to anyone using mobile phone with internet connection enable.

If you have used POS for once to pay for services rendered to you by an organization or film you will value the power of cashless policy.

Take for instance, when one of my female friends celebrated her birthday this year, we both went out for a shopping without holding a cash, and she was surprised when I pulled out my ATM card and inserted it into the POS machine to pay for what we bought to celebrate her birthday and that is the power of cashless policy and internet banking service.

Had it been there wasn’t POS that day, I would have used Quickteller or MyPaga internet banking service to pay for what we bought without hurdles.

QuickTeller.com Internet Banking Mastermind Review

There are series of internet banking online platform in Nigeria that render quality services but today, we take a close look at everything about one of the biggest internet banking platform in Nigeria which is Quickteller, benefits of quickteller, list of services Quickteller offers, how to open Quickteller account, and verify your QuickTeller account.

The review will center on how to do it yourself with Quickteller online internet banking . One thing I enjoyed most about this service is that it is mobile friendly with a flexible interface for users to easily understand.

The newly introduced features of Quickteller includes life insurance service, and send and receive payment via BBM.

What Exactly Can I do on Quickteller.com

First thing first about Quickteller is for you to know what you can do with Quickteller service before you register for it. Although, it free to register and you don’t have to pay for any extra service and you will not be overcharged for what you love to do with internet banking such as DSTv subscription, GOTv subscription, booking of flight etc on Quickteller.

However, below are part of the services you will enjoy on Quick teller online internet banking.

1. Buy Airtime

Buy of airtime using Quickteller online internet banking is one of the most used features on the platform. Quickteller makes it very easy to buy mobile recharge card on all telecommunication network in Nigeria.

You can recharge Airtel, Etisalat, Glo, MTN, Smile and Netcast digital network.


2. Make Payment

Make payment service on Quickteller makes it easy to pay for over 1000 online services right from the comfort of your home. Few of the service you can make payment for on Quickteller include the ones in the screenshot.


3. Book Event Tickets

You can buy even tickets such as Butter chance for babies campaign and rotaract celebration on quickteller with just a single click.


4. Send Money

You can easily send money from your bank account to third party and receive money from third party bank using Quickteller.com online internet banking service.

In the same way, you can receive Western Union money via Quickteller.


5. Buy Movie Ticket

If you are movie addicts, you can easily book your movie ticket via Quickteller service at the comfort of your home with receipt.

6. Buy International Airtime

This is an amazing feature on Quickteller, which reveals that the service is not only available in Nigeria. You can as well buy international airtime via Quickteller internet banking.


How to Transfer Fund on Quickteller.com Using USSD Codes

Quickteller.com offers quiet a reasonable number of USSD code for transferring fund and pay for service subscription.

With Quickteller USSD codes, you can make Consat subscription, DSTv subscription, Enugu electricity distribution company prepaid and Kano electricity distribution company prepaid.

Below are the USSD codes for transferring funds on Quickteller service directly from your mobile phone.


 How to Open QuickTeller.com account Summary

If you have come this far, you done a very job and by now, you should be able to say what Quickteller.com online internet banking service is all about. However, before we move into how to open a quickteller account and verify it, below are the quick overview.

1. Visit Quickteller website

2. Click on register button

3. Fill in your exact details including your email and mobile contact

4. Confirm your account

5. Expect account activation message in your inbox

How to Open QuickTeller.com Account with Screenshots

This headline will walk you through how to open Quickteller account and verify your account without costing a step.

1. Visit QuickTeller, fill in your details and click on signup button


2. Ensure to use your active mobile contact because QuickTeller will send your verification code to your contact with a link for verification. You can either use token to verify your account or click on the verification link on your email.


3. A successful message will popup and congratulated you than your account is verified successfully. Then login to continues


Congratulations, you now have a valid Quickteller account. And henceforth, if you want to make payment, send and receive money, pay DSTv and GOTv subscription, you can easily go to Quickteller.com and perform your instant transaction.

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