QuickTeller Vs MyPaga: How to Buy Airtime Complete Process

First download and install Quickteller app and MyPaga app on your Android phone on Play Store and iOS device from Apple store for easy login and sign up process.

Few days ago, we take a macro review of MyPaga and Quickteller as an online service that can be used to buy airtime both at the local and international level,  pay DSTv subscription fee, GOTv subscription fee, Pay utility bills including PHCN bills online, book flight ticket online, and some other online transaction processes which including how to send money to anyone across the country and outside on Quickteller and MyPaga.

Today, we are to take a diverse comparison of both MyPaga and Quickteller service on how to buy airtime using the interswitch. The dept comparison between Mypaga.com and Quickteller.com.

Quickteller vs MyPaga is one of the things have been so concern myself with over the past few days as to which one is better and secure when it comes to picking the best internet banking service for transferring money from one account to another, pay DSTv subscription, renew my GOTv subscription, pay utility bills without leaving the comfort of my room, send money to my love ones, buy airtime when I run out of call card and most especially, to buy airtime etc.

You will want to believe with me that Quickteller vs MyPaga service is not rats race, just that they are very good competitor in what they do, and how the do it to suits their customer the best.

However, here in this post we will review the inner value of both Mypaga.com and Quickteller.com based on experience and time with spent using the service on how to use the service to buy airtime.

Quickteller Vs MyPaga Professional Service

First good thing about Quickteller and MyPaga is that their registration process is quiet easy and doesn’t require any stress. After successful registration on both service, a token will be send to your mobile number and email address to verify you truly fill in your exact detail during the process of registration.

After registration on either MyPaga or Quickteller, simply login via web-browser or smartphone app you downloaded above.

Note that review of these services will be based on our experience so far without keeping to ourselves single point you need to know on how to buy airtime with it.

How to Buy Airtime on Quickteller

Buy airtime on Quickteller and MyPaga takes almost the same process.  If you are a quickteller subscriber already it will be very easy to login to your account and buy airtime but if you are a new subscriber, register first on Quickteller.

1. Login to your quickteller account and click on buy airtime button

2. list of Telecommunication services available will be displayed, then click on your network provider

Quickteller vs MyPaga

3. Another page will pop up, enter the amount of you want to recharge and your mobile number (Double check)

Quickteller vs MyPaga

4. Click on continue button for confirmation page to pop up and then, pay.

Quickteller vs MyPaga

5. Click on Pay button and you will be taken to a page to enter your ATM card number and your name.

quickteller vs mypaga

6. If you are using token, you will be prompted to press your token and enter the displayed digits.

How to Buy Airtime on MyPaga

 1. Login to your MyPaga account with either your number or email address

2. To the left of the page, click on buy airtime/data

3. A new page will pop up, tick whether to buy airtime or data and fill in the details

Quickteller vs MyPaga

4. Select mode of payment on your account page and click confirm

Quickteller Vs MyPaga

As simple as that. That is how to buy airtime from Quickteller and MyPaga interswitch service

Now, let take a look at Quickteller vs MyPaga justification on how to buy airtime. From experience with both inter-switch service, both requires you to either link your bank account or add your ATM card for easy transaction. On MyPaga, when you link your account to your account, you will easily have direct access to sending money directly from your phone when you login.

While when you want to buy airtime on Quickteller either on app or via web, you will have to enter your ATM card number and token often.

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