How To Read eBooks On Your iPhone

This post will explain how to read eBooks on your iPhone and put an end to the fact that you need to go around carrying textbooks before you can read for the day. In this 21st century, life has fully become mobile, and old things are passing away.  The simple fact that you can read eBooks on your iPhone does not deprive you of the right of reading the book with the best font, size read and underline things that are not understood right on your iPhone.

With the world going around the way it is, iPhone user can download eBooks online, buy eBooks online, Borrow from library and begin to read on their iPhone with the right app.

There are many ways to read eBooks on your iPhone to make life easy for you but this post will only channels your mind toward the best apps that will give you a better experience while reading eBooks on your iPhone.

You don’t need to go for Kindle or a Nook before you can start to read eBooks on your iPhone but if you have those apps, you can let them be since you don’t have a dedicated eBook reader on your iPhone

read eBooks on your iPhone

Top 3 Apps To Read eBook On Your iPhone

If you are planning to start reading on your iPhone, the first thing you need how to get an eBook reader that will make reading on your iPhone enjoyable, and there is a chance that you will have to settle for at least two different eBook readers, nevertheless here are the top 3 apps to read eBooks on your iPhone.


iBook is a powerful iPhone eBook reader; the free iBook app let you read eBooks on your phone, and mostly, PDF that perhaps you downloaded from the internet or borrow from online library or the one that a friend gave to you. Another good thing about iBooks is that there is a direct access to where you can buy eBook.

One of the demerits of any eBook you choose to buy on iBook is that you can only read them on Apple devices which imply that if you choose to try few of the best Android device, you won’t be able to read them on your Android.

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Amazon Kindle

This app let iPhone user read eBooks that they either download or buy from Amazon kindle store on the iPhone. One advantage of Amazon kindle over iBook is that, any eBook you purchased via Amazon kindle store can be read on other devices of your choice. You may choose to transfer the eBook to your computer, Android Smartphone and some other eBook supported gadget to get going with your reading.

OverDrive eBook App

If you prefer to borrow library eBook and Audibooks instead of buying them, then you will definitely find OverDrive eBook app very useful and you will have to download it to your iPhone. OverDrive app connect with system with over 30,000 libraries so that you can make use of your library identification card to check out your favourite eBook on your iPhone, to borrow eBook of your choice and start to read them on your iPhone

How To Use These Apps To Read eBooks On Your iPhone

If you truly want to read eBooks on your iPhone, by now you should have downloaded at least one of those app. And now, to use any of the apps to read eBooks on your iPhone, you might have to do this and it is very easy.

Click on the app to open and you should find your eBooks there if you have any. And in case you could not find any there since you have not purchased any eBook since you installed them, you will need to send the eBooks to your iPhone by email or upload them to your Dropbox account and then download them directly to your iPhone. Once downloaded, open the eBook reader app you downloaded and you should find your eBook there.

With this, you should be able to read eBooks on your iPhone henceforth if you have not being doing that before now.

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