How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad without Jailbreak

To Record Screen On iPhone And iPad Without Jailbreak is something better to do to make screen record on iPhone and iPad enjoyable without having to afraid of anything perhaps after Jailbreaking. It has become an old story though, that you can record iPhad screen on Mac OS but what if it is possible to record iPhone and iPad screen without using Mac or PC or without the two methods mentioned earlier, that is; Jailbreak your iPhone and iPad before you can record the screen and record iDevice screen without Mac or Pc?

Certainly, the possibility of going for the method would be of interest without bothering yourself to think twice. No need to jailbreak again before you can take screen record on your iPhone and iPad as there is an app that makes this job easily done.

This app is an excellent app and work perfect when it comes to screen record on iDevice. Shou app is the great app that is competent of recording screen on iPhone and iPad without using PC or Mac. Shou app for iPad and iPhone screen record is user friendly and very easy to use.

Without much ado, the first thing first is to download this app and install it your device and you are definitely a step from recording your iPhone screen without Windows. One more thing about this screen record app is that, it’s compatible with whichever iOS your device posses (iOS 7 or iOS 8).

How to Record Screen on iPhone and iPad without PC, Mac, and Jailbreak.

Below is a quick guide on how to capture your iPad and iPhone screen with the help of shou app.


Visit on your iPhone or iPad browser, preferably “Safari”


Download and install the better version of Emu4ios beta version on your iOS device.



Launch the app after successful installation



Once you have launched the installed app, find the Shou screen record app and install it (It’s free)



Shou app required you to sign in or sign up before you can make use of it. You can easily sign up using Facebook.



And now, when you have successfully logged on, two options will be available to chose from, the start broadcasting and start recording button, and then click on start recording.


NOTE: In front of the two options, there is a factorial mark “!”, click on it for more options like your screen record format, orientation, resolution etc and once chosen, you can start recording and if you don’t need to and prefer using the default settings you can go ahead with recording straight.


You may have to enable assistive touch on iPhone or iPad before you could be able to record full screen, and if the need be quickly go ahead and enable that (Settings app—General—Accessibility—Assistive touch). But you will observe that this setting doesn’t work on iPhone even when you enable the assistive touch mode, you will still not be able to record the full screen but on iPad, you can easily record the full screen without bothering yourself to enable the feature.



When you are done with recording your iPhone or iPad screen, simply go back to Shou app and click on stop recording to stop the app.

Whenever you want to view your recorded screen, go to Shou app and you will find it there. The use of Shou app to record iPhone and iPad screen is like any other normal app but it is just that it enables you to record iPhone and iPad screen without the use of PC or Mac which is now an old means of recording iDevice screen.

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