How To Repair Mi Smartphone When Dropped In Water

When your phone dropped into water, you have a limited chance of bringing life back to it. Nobody is above mistake, you phone can drop into water by mistake, and the only remedy to this is to dip your hand into your pocket and pay for it repairs.


But if you own a Mi mobile phone, you have an added advantage over others when you Mi phone drops in water.

Mi protect is another plan for Mi users when their Mi drop into water beyond repair. When you phone drops into water and got spoilt beyond measure, you don’t have to throw in to your waste bin at home if the device is Mi. Most times, warranty does not cover this and you are at your own detriment.

Mi protect is a new Mi plan to help cover damages on Mi phones when mistakenly fall into a liquid substance and got spoilt beyond measure.

This plan covers a pick up and drop off of the device. Also, the Mi protect plan covers second servicing within one year of activation.

The Mi protect plan available in India and can be purchase for as low as Rs 275 while you set out to buy the device.

Below are what you will enjoy on Mi protect when you dive in for the plan.

  • Accidental and liquid damage protection
  • Doorstep pickup and drop-off
  • 24X7 call center support to report damages
  • Two repairs. Restoration of full amount after the first repair
  • One call to block your SIM from anywhere in the world
  • SIM misuse insurance cover of up to Rs. 3000
  • Smartphone assistance to resolve all your Mi phone related queries
  • Docusafe of up to 1GB to store and access all your important documents from anywhere in the world

The Mi protect begins instantly from the moment where you become a member of the service. Mi protect is transferable from one phone to another.

Five variants of Mi gets Mi protect with different protect price tag.


You can read more about Mi protect

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