Resolved: Forget Android Lock Pattern Issues

It can be funny when you forget your Android lock pattern and be asking yourself why should I forget my Android lock pattern? What were you thinking that made you to forget your lock pattern in the first place? Anyway, few weeks ago my little sister forget her Android lock pattern and failed to set up a PIN as an alternative way she can used to unlock the pattern when thing like this happened.

The more reason why most Android Smartphone users uses lock pattern on there is that it’s not really easy to guess, at times better than using PIN to protect your phone, however, even when you are still cynosure that your device is locked when a friend draw the pattern number of times, you can still unlock it after a minimum of 30 seconds depending on your configuration.

When you forget your Android lock pattern, there is no way you won’t be frustrated because for you to unlock the pattern, you may have to hard reset your Android and as a result, all your data will be wiped off of which you wouldn’t love to do. Here in this post, we’ll share with you a perfect ways use can use to unlock your Android pattern when you seem to have forgotten it.

Android Lock Pattern App With Password

Android Smartphone is equipped with much app, both for free or paid. Android lock pattern app with password helps you to protect your Android using pattern and at same time, protect your app using code or pattern as well outside the default Android lock pattern. You can search playstore for the keyword “Android lock pattern” and you will amazed with list of apps you will see, both paid and free.

How To Bypass Samsung Lock Password

Ooops, am sorry for that if you can’t remember your Samsung lock password but with this post, you will be able to bypass your Samsung lock screen without formatting it but provided that the locking method is with the aid of pattern.

Without wasting much time, with this guide below you will be able to unlock your Android when you forget your lock pattern, unlock Samsung lock screen if what you used is pattern, and finally set a new Android lock pattern for your device.

Forget Android Lock Screen On Your Android OS 4.1 Downward

This technique only works for Android with OS 4.1 Jellybean upward, and for you to be able to unlock your Android locked screen using this method, you need just a PC with internet access.

Connect your device to your PC and visit play store, search for “Screen Lock Bypass Pro” and install this app directly to your device with lock screen.

Android Lock Patten

On the notification tray, open this installed app and used it to unlock your device locked pattern.

NOTE: Download the free one and when you are done unlocking your Android lock patter, remove it and use this method to download the paid version of Screen Lock Bypass Pro for free.

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