Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 And Tab A 8.0 Price, Specs And Comparison

Samsung Galaxy Tab comes right on time when the mobile market mostly needed the mid-range smartphone as one of the best among hundreds of smartphones; Samsung Galaxy Tab is a favourite machine for most smart-device lover and Galaxy company is going at a vast range of mindset to meet the need of their customers by pushing more Samsung Tab into the mobile market with the hope of dominating mobile Tab world in general.

Quality has nothing to do with quantity, but in the case of Samsung Galaxy tabs, quality and quantity are the main goal to see that customer needs are always the top most priority. With Samsung company releasing Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 and Tab A 8.0, it can be truly said that Galaxy Tab might end up being the most valuable and versatile Tab in the mobile world.

Galaxy Tab

The difference between the two Galaxy Tabs is seldom identified yet differences are unique as far as the two smartphones are concern. Both Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 and Tab A 8.0 features a low resolution of 1024 x 678 and thus resulted into the device having 160ppi and 132ppi respectively.

The two new variants of Galaxy Tab are proudly powered by 1.2GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor with a bias RAM of 1.5GB for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and 2GB for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.0. Hypothetically, both devices should have internal storage of 16GB and 32GB respective with an expandable microSD for them both.

The new Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 and Tab A 8.0 features both rear and front camera with the same range in the absence of LED flash. The two smartphones features 5MP and 2MP rear and front camera respectively without sentiment or bias as you may think since both devices has virtually the same feature outside the device inch which is glaring to mere seeing. Another area of Galaxy Tab A 9.0 and Tab A 8.0 that caught attention is the battery capacity; they feature a battery capacity of 4000mAh and 6000mAh respectively which will in no way gives you the best Galaxy battery experience ever.

Despite all the great features of these devices, yet they still come in variants. The A 8.0-inch WiFi only is expected to cost $275, and $339 for the LTE model and likewise, for the A 9.7-inch, the WiFi only goes for $339 and the LTE version should be around $404.

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