See What Happened to Google AdSense Earnings Calculator

Google AdSense earning calculator seems having difficulties in displaying publishers information start early this morning, and many bloggers have been put into a condition as to what is happening with AdSense.

Well, you are not the only person encountering this issue right now, it seems to be general and no single AdSense publisher can single-handedly say what is happening precisely but we can all guess.

What Google AdSense calculator does is that it helps to calculate your AdSense activities such as pageviews if you have linked your AdSense to your Google Analytic, your AdSense impression, Ctrl, RPM, number of clicks and most importantly, AdSense earnings per visitor which is often refer to as CPC.

Meanwhile, what is happenning generally to Google AdSense earnings calculator for not displaying publishers information is what we can’t say. Over the past 4 years of being AdSense publisher, I haven’t experience this which I believed it’ll be of no harm to any blogger monetizing his or her blog with AdSense.

Google AdSense earnings calculator

Google AdSense Earning Calculator not Working

There has been lot of discussion on this AdSense earning not displaying via AdSense dashboard, both on mobile and on Desktop at Google AdSense forum.

Since the problem has been shoots up right on Google AdSense forum, there will definitely be a solution in the mean time.

But the lost of AdSense publisher is that, no record of earning so far. Meaning that even if you have 10,000 AdSense click within this period, the possibility that it will be recorded for you is quiet narrow because Google AdSense earnings calculator isn’t working.

I know most of us are used to heartbreak from Google but this isn’t going to bring any heartbreak. Google bot will get back to work again and your AdSens earnings calculator will start recording your earning as soon as they get things back to normal.

Meanwhile, for Google AdSense earnings calculator not working, it may be as a result of maintenance from Google’s earning end. Since the earning calculator for AdSense is mainly to help calculate your AdSense earning, impression, pageview, RPM and lot more, then Google will definitely gets back to its fit and restore what is smelling before today runs to an end.

Did you encounter the same problem with your AdSense calculator? Please share your fear and expectation with us!

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