How To Set Up https On Blogspot Site

Blogspot user can now set up https support on their site for free. Just this morning I was going through one of my blogspot site and discover that I can now change from http to https to maximize my site security from bad actors.

If you are using blogspot domain extension, you too can now secure your blogspot site activities and stay secured from online bad actors. This new development was introduced few days ago as seen from Googleonlinesecurity.

Here in this post, you will see how simple it is to migrate your blogspot domain extension from http to https under few seconds.

  1. Login to your Blogger account and click on settings
  2. Under the HTTPS settings, click on the drop down menus and select YES.

HTTPS on blogspot

  1. Congratulations, you have successfully change you blogspot domain extension from http to https.

The deficiency of this https on blogger is that you cannot set it up on a custom domain. For now, you will be able to change from http to https on blogspot domain extension.

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