Simplest Trick To Disable Windows 10 Auto-Update

The windows 10 auto-update is giving me a headache, frustrating the hell out me and draining my data unnecessarily. For this few reasons without considering some reason why I should disable windows 10 auto-update, to be frank with you guys, I am going to share with you how to go about disabling the auto-update features.

Come to think of it from the perspective that one can download windows 10 for free or upgrade it directly from your previous version and for this reason, this windows version is becoming extremely popular as everybody is forfeiting previous version of windows and are now porting to windows 10.

Yes, windows 10 features a very beautiful desktop with amazing desktop look with auto-update features, that will automatically update the windows OS when connects to the internet but one thing to take note is that when updating your windows 10 you need to WiFi if truly you want to save yourself from some data cost.

One fact about windows 10 is that it is not so easy to stop windows 10 updating from settings directly but if you are wondering on how you can disable windows 10 auto-update, then you are right at the right place to learn just how to have this done without any stress.

How To Disable Windows 10 Auto-update

This is simple yet an effective way to disable windows 10 auto-update. You will be able to use this method to disable windows 10 auto-update without hiccups if you can learn with little or no supervision at all.

  1. To be able to stop windows 10 auto-update, we start by navigating to the windows control panel and click on the administrative tools

Disable windows 10 auto-update


2. Scroll down and locate the service option from the left side as shown below

Disable windows 10 auto-update

3. Next,  in the new windows you will find series of services that are currently running, and then kindly scroll down and locate windows update.

4. To disable windows 10 auto-update, right click on the windows update and hits the properties option.

5. From there, select the general settings and find the start up option , and then disable it.

6. After that, click on the service running to stop or disable it and finally click on the OK button and with this you have successfullu disable windows 10 auto-update.

Disable windows 10 auto-update

You can also disable windows 10 auto-uupdate via from network service but I have not tried that procedure. But with this method you have nothing to loose and you should be able to successuly disable windows 10 auto-update and save yourself from lot of data drainnage.

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