How To Watch Movies And TV Shows For Free On Android

With Smartphone TV apps, do you still need a TV at home? Smartphone TV or real TV, which one do you have the preference over? With the emerging technology word, it really worth it if everything starts to become mobile, include home gadget as well, just like Smartphone TV apps. Smartphone having 5.00MP should be aable to capture a reasonable video and be able to watch a video on such device with the great resolution of such mobile video and biterate data plan to strem video online easily. There are junks of Smartphone TV apps outside there that don’t worth aa single attention or deserve aa trial but to make your research a stress free, I have searched through the internet and found out the best 5 Smartphone TV apps for your Smartphone that can bring the best from your device if still having a MegaPixel as low as 5 itself.

Why You Use Smartphone TV apps Instead Of Home Television

With fast growing in technology, almost everything is growing wider and stronger in the world of technology down to mobile as well. Gone are those days where we make use of mainframe computer but this day, laptops and or desktop has taken over it, so also is on the issue of home electronics gadget. It’s high time you move with the recycling technology world. Keeping your home gadgets very simple and demanding will be a better choice you could ever make. Smartphone TV app that makes streaming online videos, news and the likes very easy with a connection via Wi-Fi surely makes the environs simple appealing and accomodating.

Smartphone TV Apps That Helps To Stream Live Video Online

As we all know that there are thousands of Apps online that can be used to stream live TV online and that only the best ones worth it, therefore; this post will only contain my personal recommended Smartphone TV apps that can easily replace your home TV.


After the death of Qik and Justin.TV, Twitcasting has been my favorite TV app that I easily use to stream live video online. The Twitter live stream app divide your phone screen into two so that you can easily  view Twitter timeline review, Twitter update,view your updated status and at the same time access the web most especially on iDevice. One favorutie feature of Twitcasting I really love lies on the fact that you can easy tweet a recorded video URL for the broadcast for you Twitter followers who only need to click on the video URL to stream the video live on the Twitcasting web page.


Watch movies on Androidd

Hulu is a powerful Android app that let you stream live movies and TV shows for free. The app let user watch premium TV show and movies live on Smartphone without paying a cent. Meaning that using Hulu, you can stream movies and TV show online for free. Hulu offers both paid and free service, where you can opt in for the paid service with just $7.99 but with the free service, you have more than enough movies and TV show to stream online for free.


Watch movies on Android1

This app is mostly used by the Canadians and it’s a free app that let you stream movies and TV show for free on Android device. The Crackle app which was currently own by Sony was created by Grouper. While the app is running, it features ads at a regular interval via its content like the way AdSense display on YouTube video, aside this you can enjoy the monthly updated movies and TV show by this app for free.


Watch movies on Android2

This is another great app for Android user to watch movies and TV show on Android for free. For quite a reasonable number of years now, this app has been going stronger, although the app does not have the whole achieve of movies and TV show on its database but with the 30 days extended service, you have the premium right to catch up with any movie and TV show of your choice. During this time, you can easily watch program like Sherlock and Call the MidWife. Personally, iPlayer is one of my favourite Android apps and it’ll always be as far as I can watch movies and TV show on it.

On what other free apps do you watch movies and TV shows for free online? Share your favourite one.


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