Solved: Whatsapp Friend Not Displaying After Switching Your Phone Or SIM.

We are becoming  addicted to whatsapp for the easy life it brings while chatting but it can be frustrating when you change your phone or SIM card and discovered that your list of friends aren’t showing on your whatsapp list.

Your whatsapp friends list will not display when you change your phone or while switching your SIM for some reason such as when you are using the old version of whatsapp, if you don’t have your friends number stored on your phone or on you SIM.

For months now I have not been using whatsapp for personal reason but decided to pick up a new HuaweiPad to start using the mobile chat again but to my surprise, my old whatsapp friend list contact weren’t displaying. I tried almost all solution I think off but all to no avail, I deleted the version I got from a friend  and install directly from playstore and still not working.

What is likely going to be the problem start bubbling in my heart, finally I have a perfect solution that start displaying my whatsapp friend list after and start chatting them again after the whatsapp sabbatical leave I went for. The trick is very simple but you may not think is what you need to do to let your whatsapp friend list start showing when you change your phone or SIM on the phone you are using and yet, you don’t want to change your whatsapp registered phone number.

The following steps are what I followed to bring back my old whatsapp contact back to my new phone after series of findings.

1. Download and install latest whatsapp directly from play store or your OS store.

2. Navigate to your phone settings and click on whatsapp under account settings.

Whatsapp not showing1

3. Click on auto-sync to auto-sync your friend list contact.

Whatsapp not showing

4. Then head straight to your whatsapp and click on refresh from the drop down menu at the upper right and all your friends will display, though it may take a while depending on your network.

This is the simple method I used to retrieved my entire whatsapp friend list after changing my phone and SIM card at the same time.

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