Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ First Hand On Review

I got hold of Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ this mid-week and we are taking a close look at how we can review this Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ base on it performance and durability. Conventionally, when it comes to Smartphones, Sony is one of the users favourite but don’t really have passion for it because of the experience I had with the battery back in the days.

Just like the way I went for Huawei T17 out of budget, the same thing also happened with the Xperia X-BO which I don’t have any option than to play around with the Smartphone. In the first place, the first attraction about this so called Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ is the device weight, very light in weight, slim and in fact, it worth being a compliment for my new Huawei T17.

We have just gotten this Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ and as at this hour, we have started enjoying the perfect functionality of this device. Sony is not new in the mobile market; their outputs are really great and always competitive.

Nonetheless, Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ coming to surface at this hour of the day will surely drive Sony fan to the Sony mobile market than expected. Although we cannot really say much about what will become of this great Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ since we got the device not quite long but notwithstanding, before that, there is always first impression and this is what you should expect about this Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ first review this time.

For the time being, we are only going to discuss what we have been enjoying in this Smartphone and perhaps, after a week that we have started playing around with the Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ to know what the device is really up to, its battery durability, its efficiency, whether it’s able to leave a rough and touch life etc will be brought to you in the review but before that day, let’s give you our first impression about the Sony Xperia X-BO V9+.

The Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ features both front camera and back camera alongside with LED flash light at the exact mid-back of the device with 2MP and 5MP respectively. The Smartphone runs on Android 4.5.2 OS with easy to use feature. The device feature a 16GB internal memory  alongisde 1GB RAM.

The device only features three button, the power button at the upper right edge side and the two volume button at the second edge side. The device which is not really rectanglar in shape has a curvilinear structure around its edges and it’s a dual SIM featured device with one of the SIM being micro and the other macro.

It’s responds easy to flipping you hand over the screen without touching the device screen like some other Smartphones and I can only leverages that feature on Smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S5 and above.

Before we finally bring the full first hand review of this device, how to root the Sony Xperia X-BO V9+ will likely be the next update on this device to see whether it’s actually easy to root this device or it involves playing around with the device bootloader like you will have to do in Huawei T17 Smartphone.


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