How To Use Whatsapp On A Non-Supported Device

It’s quite funny this day that I have to start using whatsapp on Non-supported device as soon as I got rid of my Samsung Galaxy S5, and in order to keep my friends closer to my heart and not to miss some important information, I just have to start using whatsapp on my non supported device, and that is what this post will teach you (How to use whatsapp on non-supported device).

No news is new about whatsapp, majorly that you can now use whatsapp app directly on your laptop without using any trick or without the use of third party app.  To use whatsapp on non-supported device is very easy but a little bit tricky. You may be thinking that why on a non-supported device since the world is going viral when it comes to smartphones, in fact in the world of devices like Tecno, Lenovo, and the like that should someone still chose to start using whatsapp app on a non-supported device, well you are right but the fact is; you need to value what you love.


Using whatsapp on supported device is as simple as downloading whatsapp app from whatsapp homepage, and install it on your whatsapp supported device but in this case, you will not be granted the access to download whatsapp on non-supported devices, let alone installing it. So, to make things very simple and comprehendible, I have strictly highlight what gives me a edge way into using whatsapp on a device that does not support it; precisely, I’m talking about Nokia X2-05.

How I Started Using Whatsapp On Non-Supported Devices

If you want to use this trick, you must follow this exactly without missing out a step otherwise, you will be getting annoying or invalid responds from whatsapp server.

  1. Launch UC-Web browser on your mobile or download it if you have not gotten on already.
  2. Download these two files using your UC-web browser; Whatsapp_jar  and Whatsapp_jad and save both files on your memory card.

Please don’t bother to install then for now

  1. Download blueft on your whatsapp non-supported device. Open this app and locate the two downloaded files, rename both from _jar extension to .jar extension and if it’s already in that format, great then skip this step and proceed.
  2. Instantly, the whatsapp logo will appear on one of the two files and so that the other one will not show invalid app.
  3. On the one with whatsapp icon, click to launch it and you are good to go with other setting. If it doesn’t go further, then right click and scroll down to select update version. If updated successfully, then you can start enjoying whatsapp on a device that does not support whatsapp.

If this trick doesn’t work for you, don’t panic and stay-tune for our next update on how to use whatsapp on Non-supported device. But note that this trick works perfectly on my Nokia X2-05.

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  1. Evelyn Cardoso Reply

    Thats a nice guide, but is it legal? Because, you know, WhatsApp now is a paid service and how could you pay a price if your device isn’t supported by application? By the way, visit if you really like reading useful guides.

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