Technologist Turns Furniture To Phone Charger

Without your phone charger you might suffer loss of some of your important calls when your battery is down and perhaps there is no alternative way to power it on. But thank God for the invention of Power Bank than can easily be used to revive dead gadget like mobile phone. The truth about technology is that, it develops everyday and new things were being discovered on daily basis. And this time around, it is not about power bank phone charger but technology has gone wide by making it possible for you to charge your phone using furniture over wireless.

Ikea is one of the well known global furniture company. Ikea announced the launch of furniture’s such as desk, chair, table and lamps that can be used to charge phones and other devices wirelessly. No need to plug your phone charger to either of these furniture’s, all you just have to do is to place your device close to the furniture and it will start charging with the help of Qi wireless technology.

The secret behind this invention is not more than the fact that we don’t always find it very easy coping with series of wires around us and that some times, we do run out of power and the need to make use of our mobile arises and in the absence of the phone charger or power supply, nothing can be done but with the help of the Ikea global furniture company, you can always have your phone charged over wireless and worries not about your phone charger again.

Phone charger

According to Ikea business area manager, the statement below were recorded,

 “Our new innovative solutions, which integrate wireless charging into home furnishings, will make life at home simpler,”

 Although the sales of these furniture’s phone charger are yet to be available worldwide but by April, the furniture’s will hits store in some continent like Europe, North America in April.

How do you feel about charging your phone without the phone charger using Ikea furniture with the use of Qi technology over wireless?

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