How To Track MoneyGram Other Safely

Moneygram is one of the best ways to transfer money because both the sender and recievers information is always secure and does not exposed by the sender’s bank. It is essential for you to learn how to track MoneyGram order if you have just sent someone money via moneygram money order or you have been using Moneygram to send more for long, then it essential for you to add to your weight knowledge using moneygram order and learn the specific way to track moneygram order you placed.

Here in the guide, you will learn the powerful ways that can used to track moneygram order money and make sure that the receiver cashes it.

Locate Your Serial Number

Under this headline, we will be discussing two vital point to take note and it is very crucial for you if you truly want to track moneygram order.

Keep Your Receipt And Stub

When you want to fill your moneygram order in the bank, there will be a stub at the top that you can remove before sending the money order. Look close into the stub and remove it along the doted or perforated line and this detatch stub will serve as your confirmation that you purchase order and the stub will contain your  money order alongside with it.

Endeavour to keep the detatched stub safe so that it would serve as an evidence in case there is an error in transaction and or the recipient could not receive the money order. Addendum, keep it to yourself as it will contain some vital information that needed to be kept in a more secure place.

2. Locate The Moneygram Serial Number

If you have not used moneygram before, I think you need to know that moneygram receipt contain a specific identification number that can be used to track the moneygram order and is usually located at the left side of the stub you removed from your moneygram purchase. The serial number can either be in red or black colour, just try to write down the serial number and it can be used to track moneygram order. Better still, you can save it on your computer, save it on your phone, draft it on your mail or give it out to your dear friend in case you can’t find the one at your disposal.

3. Fill Lost Moneygram Form If You Misplace The Serial Number

You can request for your moneygram serial number in case you lost it. Moneygram make a printable file on their site for users to request for lost serial number and it cost $40 and it may take up to six or eight weeks. I would suggest you don’t request for this unless you need it for a reason or otherwise you misplaced your stub with the serial number, yet you still don’t need to request for another serial number since the $40 is a non refundable fee because you may not necessarily need if the transfer was successful.

With is guide highlighted above, you should be able to track moneygram order to ensure that the receiver cashes it. Tracking your moneygram order has no side effect as it only helped you to play safe and place you on a saver side!

Have you tried to track moneygram order or use moneygram to transfer money before and what was your experience?

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