5 Ways to Track Stolen Phones Without App and Recover it

Track stolen phones without an app take various forms. You may choose to locate your phone using Google ring feature, you may choose to use Google Android manager as a GPS tracking device to restore stolen phones without any GPS app and without leaving your room.

The beauty of tracking a stolen phone is that you will remain anonymous to the thief and you can use the Google Android manager to find your phone and report the culprit to security agent at the same without leaving your room.

For Android users, there are countless number of apps available in Google play store that serve as GPS tracking apps that can easily be used to locate your phone when stolen or misplaced.

And as a tech addict, I so much prefer to try new thing and see whether it will work, and that is why we are considering how to track stolen phones without app but with the help of internet service.

What you will learn in this post is that, you will be able to locate or track your phones when you misplaced it or stolen by either known or unknown culprit.

Where is my Google phone feature is one of the tutorial you will learn in this post that you never you can use to find your phone. In fact, I used this to find my phone when I misplaced it while doing some home chore, which instead of asking where is my phone, I easily login to my PC and used Google find my phone to locate where the phone was hiding.

Which implies that I was able to find my phone without app. In fact, without knowing the phone’s where about. So, if you have been tagged a careless person, upon losing your phone to theft and couldn’t recovered it with time, here is an avenue for you to have the knowledge of how to track any stolen phones without app.

You can either use computer to find the phone or use another phone provided you have internet connection and you are ready to pay the price. And what price do you have to pay to use internet tracking device to locate stolen phones?

Just your time and patient, that is all. So let get to how to find stolen phones without app on your computer.

Track stolen phones

How to Track Stolen Phones Without App

You don’t have to get it wrong here whether you can track your stolen phone without app or not, and of course you can. But we are looking at it in the perspective that you don’t have the GPS tracking app installed on your device before stolen. So, the next thing to think about is how possible is it to track my stolen phone without app, that is exactly what we are sharing together here now.

1. Track Stolen Phones Using Google Find My Phone

This trick is Google means of helping you to locate your phone whether stolen or you don’t know where you kept it. What find my phone omnibox search does is that, it connects to your phone and put a call through to it so that you can locate where you kept it precisely.

Google find my phone differs a bit from other means that can be used to track a stolen phone because it cannot be used to erase data on your missing phone. Meanwhile, it is mainly used to give a precisely location of where your phone is.

The find my phone option works for both Android and iPhone without stress. We have cover how to use Google find my phone as a tracking device in our previous post, you can check through to learn more.

Learn: How to use Google” Find My Phone” as a Tracking GPS Device

2. Track Stolen Phones and Erase Data Using Google Android Manager

Google Android manager functions better and I have used it in the past. How it works is that, you identify where your stolen phone is and perform some funny activities on the phone anonymous.

Google Android manager is not only useful in locating a stolen phone but can also be used to threaten the person that took the phone by sending a threatening screen message to the phone.

At the same time, it can be used to erase files, songs, messages etc on your phone without accessing it. If you will like to learn how to track your stolen phone without app and erase all your data, try using Google Android manager.

Learn: How to Track a Stolen Phone and Erase its Entire Files

3. How to Track Stolen Phone Using Android Lost App

Don’t forget we are looking for a way to track our stolen phone without app. And now we are talking about how to use app as a tracking device to help use locate our Android phone.

Then the question will be, how do I install app on phone that was stolen? Well, that is possible you know!

All you just have to do is login to your Gmail account and try to visit Google play store and then search for Android lost app or visit Android lost app page directly and click on install to install it on your device where it’s provided its connected to the internet.

The idea is that you want to control your phone remotely which is possible. The only possible way to remote and recover your phone from the thief is for the culprit not to have disconnected your Gmail account from the phone. Once that is not done, then we can control the phone remotely. And how? The next lines explain that in a simple language.

1. Visit Android Lost app on your browser, whether on your computer or Laptop, it can also be done on any connected device. And then click on the installed button and the app will install directly to your phone from your far end.

Track stolen phones

2. Before you can use Android lost app as a tracking device, you need to register your phone but how do you access a stolen phone? Don’t worry, there is another way out. Download and install Android Lost Jumpstart  to complete your Android lost app registration automatically.

3. Login to Android lost app website using your Gmail account and you will be able to access the following from your end.

  • Read the latest SMS on your phone
  • Force your phone to play a loud alarm with a flashing screen. Perfect if you misplaced your device.
  • Get the location of your device
  • Lock and unlock your phone
  • Wipe your entire phone so no private data falls into the wrong hands
  • Erase the SD card
  • Use the camera to make pictures (front or rear camera) to get a nice shot of the nice person who took your device.

For a basic users but for premium users, you can do virtually endless alteration on your lost Android phone provided your Gmail account hasn’t be disconnected.

4. How to Track Stolen Phone Using Android Lost App

Android lost app is a must used App on your phone mainly as a tracking app. If you have installed Android lost app on your device before it got missing or after it was stolen, this section will explain to you how use the Android lost app as a tracking device and erase your data, read SMS, and do some crazy things on it.

1. Login to your Androidlostapp website using the Gmail account you linked to your Android phone and click on allow to access your phone.

Track stolen phones

2. Once you are able to login to Android lost app website, a congratulatory message will pop up telling you that you have successfully connected to your lost phone and that you can now control it.

Track stolen phones

3. Click on the gear icon at the upper right of your page a you will taken to where you can Send name to your phone, lock your apps on the phone use PIN code, check for a new SMS, set a new phone number to receive an update if your SIM card on the phone is changed to another one, save data to the lost phone, receive all messages including call list, location maps, pictures, camera etc, update your information, remove your Google account from the phone and erase your entire data from the stolen phone.

With this, you can track lost phones without app on your device. Meanwhile, if you are using Android version below 3.0, using this to track lost phones of any kind can be really frustrating.

5. How to Track Stolen Phones Using iCloud Service

This is actually for the Apple users. When your iDevice is stolen, you can track it with Apple find my phone but we are not interested in using any app to access any stolen phone. Therefore, we can still use the power of iCloud as a tracking device for a stolen phones.

Get your Apple login ready and access iCloud from any computer available or Laptop and you will be able to display message on your phone, track phone location, lock your device screen and remote your stolen iPhone smartly.

If you are using Samsung, you can still track a stolen Samsung phone using Samsung track my mobile and lock, erase, wipe, locate, maps, and send screen message to your Samsung.

There are various apps that can be used to track stolen phones but here in this post, the possibility to track stolen phones is 100% and you have nothing to loose. Meanwhile, don’t wait until your phone fall into a wrong hand before you try to keep your phone safe.

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