Truecaller app-How To Hide Truecaller Identity

First download true caller app and install it first. All we are doing here on truecaller is to play around the app and at the end, hide truecaller identity.

You don’t really need much apps on your device but if you are interested in having just 2 apps, truecaller should be your first app. Just get rid of annoying call from unknown caller with your truecaller app without your stressing yourself. The fact is that this app is used by millions people, update your mobile contact list during installation and at the same time, retrieve contact list when searching for contact of your truecaller app.

One of the advantages of truecaller is the ability to identify unknown caller, the best of it all is the ability to retrieve callers name, location, mobile number and all necessary details you need to identify the unknown caller.

Here in this post, I am sharing with your how to hide truecaller identity in just few steps.

How  To Hide Truecaller Identity 

You don’t need third party app to hide identity on truecaller as truecaller app itself has an inbuilt option that let users unlist number from their truecaller directory. Following the steps below, you will be able to hide your identity on truecaller.

  1. Go to truecaller unlist page 
  2. Enter the mobile number you will love to hide from truecaller and click on unlist to unlist your number.

Hide truecaller identity

3. Scroll down to enter the verification code and then click on unlist. You can see the said guides in the image in step 2.

And that is all you need to do to hide your truecaller identity. Note that, for truecaller to unlist your contact, it may take up to 24hours. And after this, you must be aware that your number will be unlisted permanently from truecaller database.

How To Un-hide Truecaller Identity 

If you are using device like Windows phone, Android  and iPhone, you can re-add your mobile number to truecaller database to re-list it again. To do this, follow the same procedure you followed while installing truecaller and then re-verify your identity again.

With this simple method you should be able to hide truecaller identity without stress or hiccups!

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