Ultimate Guide on How To Install iOS 8.4.1

This ultimate guide will enlightened you on how to install iOS 8.4.1 which come shortly after Apple music problem arises. The iOS 8.4.1 version can be installed on all Apple products that supported Apple music, device such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch can download and install iOS 8.4.1. Although the release of iOS 8.4.1 isn’t a big deal anyway but to correct the error Apple music users encountered during the course of their experience with Apple music.

If your Apple brand is currently running iOS 8.4, then installing iOS 8.4.1 should not take you more than 15 minutes. Despite the fact that iOS 8.4.1 is free, there is still something you need to put in place to ensure that all files on your Apple brand remain intact even after the installation of iOS 8.4.1  which this post will also cover.

Even though that this iOS 8.4.1 version was launched in order to fix some lapses in Apple music, there is also a point to note that the security measure is as well important. The simplicity of installing iOS 8.4.1 is that you can install it on any Apple device that runs iOS 8.4 and perhaps, if you are running of iOS 8 or iOS 7, it may take longer time before your upgrading will be completed.

Since user experience is all business top most priority, then installing iOS 8.4.1 on Apple device is to fix all the hiccups user might be experiencing with Apple music.

iOS 8.4.1

What Do I Need To Install iOS 8.4.1

There is no much of things you need but you need a strong internet connection and at least your device battery life should be above 50% to be able to download and install iOS 8.4.1 complete. On the issue of internet connection, WIRELESS CONNECTION is a better option. So it is highly advisable that you shouldn’t try to install iOS 8.4.1 over your local or cellular network.

The said iOS 8.4.1 arrived few days ago, 13th-august-2015 to be exact and it’s available over the air.

iOS 8.4.1 Ultimate Guide

In the first place, before you make an attempt to download the iOS 8.4.1, you should endeavour to have the recent update. At the same time, back up your data in a secure place such as iCloud and to play save, kindly back up your device probably the day you would love to install iOS 8.4.1 on your device.

Another key point here is that, do not be in haste while planning to install iOS 8.4.1 on your device, preferably do it at home where you will have all the time to concentrate and do everything accordingly.

How Many Hours Would It Take To Download And Install iOS 8.4.1?

If you have iOS 8.4 installed on your device already, then you can be rest assured that it will take less than 15 minutes to download and do the necessary update. Due to internet connection and some other factors, installing iOS 8.4.1 on your device that runs the recent update should take less than 20 minutes. And now, we move to how to install iOS 8.4.1 on your device.

Ultimate Way To Install iOS 8.4.1

You can install iOS 8.4.1 directly on your iPhone or iPad without necessarily connected to your computer. All that required of you is find a stable WIFI connection and connect to it, thereafter search for update and then install. And now, below are the step by step procedures to download and install iOS 8.4.1 on your device.

  1. While you are at the home screen tap the settings
  2. Hit the General Button
  3. Click on software update
  4. Click on download and install to start the downloading iOS 8.4.1
  5. If it prompts for passcode, enter it
  6. Accept the terms and condition
  7. Wait until the downloading process is completed and then click on install.

This is a simple method you can use to install iOS 8.4.1 on your Apple device.

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