4 Simple Ways To Fix Unresponsive iPhone Screen

Unresponsive iPhone screen is a very common problem if you have ever noticed that on your iPhone most especially when charging it. When your iPhone touch screen is not responsive, definitely you cannot do anything reasonable on the device as your access to the home-screen will be restricted by the unresponsiveness of the device screen. The problem does not only occur when you are charging your iPhone, it might even occur when you least expect it, and all you have to do is to wait for a while and perhaps it will become responsive on time.

This issue of iPhone screen not responding is very common in old iPhones such as iPhone 4, 4s and 5, so if you are currently using either of this iPhones, and your iPhone touch screen do hangs at times, then this post will solve the unresponsive of your iPhone touch screen.

The peculiarity of device touch screen not responding can occur in any devices including Smartphone, but majorly, this occurs most on iPhone devices. In this post today, I’m sharing with you 4 simple ways you can follows to make your iPhone touch screen responsive when not responding and note that some of this tricks may require some task or time consuming, nevertheless what is worth doing is what doing well.

Tell Someone To Call Your iPhone Mobile Contact

Just get in contact with any of your available friend, or family to call your unresponsive iPhone line and the touch or lock screen will become responsive immediately you were able to pick the call and ends the call. Note that you don’t necessarily need to talk at length before the lock screen become responsive again, all you need to do is pick and drop the call instantly and you are good to go.

iPhone screen not responding

Launch An App Using iPhone Siri Feature

If this feature has not been enabled on your iPhone, I would suggest you should enable it whenever you are able to access your iPhone as it makes it very fast to make unresponsive iDevice responsive. To do this, just navigate to your iPhone settings, hit the general tab and click on Siri to enables it.

And since your iPhone screen is unresponsive, it’s quite obvious that you will not be able to access the setting page but worries not. Just press and hold the home button and it will bring up Siri option. After that, simply tell siri to launch an app.

Restart Your iDevice

Like I said in the introductory part that some of the task may require some task and here we are now. You can fix so many issues on device when you restart it. This is an instantaneous solution to most problems on any device, so if you have tried either of the solutions above and your iPhone lock screen still remain unresponsive, try to restart it and it will become responsive.

Remove Unwanted Apps

I know this can be disheartening but you just have to do it. If you can flash back and remember the last app you installed before it started misbehaving, and then try to uninstall it and your device will become normal as it used to be. Also, try to clean your device junks and you will be done.

How do you make your iPhone device responsive when not responding? If you have any means, please let us know in the comment section.

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