How To Verify Google AdSense Account In Nigeria

Google AdSense has a specific means of verify partners account, and it varies depending on your country of residence. As for Nigerians, Google will have to send a verification PIN to your registered address after you have earn a minimum of 10 dollars. Usually, it takes few days to earn $10 if you have a decent traffic. But, if you are still battling with quality traffics, most especially from search engine, it may take you a whole year to earn just $10 with AdSense.

When I started monetizing this blog with Google AdSense in 2013, it took me 2 month to earn $10 but then, it was a big dream coming through and, sincerely it was. Soon after I got to the minimum of $10, Google notified me that they have sent my PIN to the address I registered with but it never came up to this moment.

After the first month, I have to make a manual request of my AdSense PIN, and it does not surface up to this moment, and for the last time, I made a request for my AdSense PIN the third time, it got lost in the air. After few days, Google AdSense stop serving ads on this blog and not because the AdSense account has been disabled or whatsoever but inability to verify my account.

At this point, as a newbie, I got pissed off and I was looking for a means to verify my account. I contacted so many bloggers on Facebook who happens to be my friend, and those that are not but no way. Okay, tentatively, I removed the ads from the blog and was reading and searching for a lasting solution that would enable me to have my ads running again.

Then, I later found out that I can verify my account with my ID card. The type of ID card was at that time not specified. Once I uploaded the ID for verification, few hours later my ads displayed came back on board immediately I added the code.

Now, verifying Google AdSense account this day seems to be taking a different dimension entirely. The known way to verify Google AdSense account is to enter AdSense PIN in your account dashboard, or using your means of identification to verify your account.

But, AdSense verification seems to be taking a new form (Change). Google auto-verify one of my friend account without PIN or ID verification the day he received his PIN from Google.

Google AdSense Verification

How Can I Verify My Google AdSense Account?

By default Google has a way of verify partners AdSense account which is usually through PIN verification or ID verification and there after you will get paid. Like I said that a friend AdSense account was verified automatically and he was paid instantly. Yes, he was paid instantly.

So, don’t be panic if Google AdSense PIN failed to arrive and you found out that your AdSense account have been verified, just go ahead to add your account details and Google¬†will remit you holding payment instantly.

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