Video 2 MP3: Convert YouTube to MP3 in a Minute

Video 2 MP3 is the easiest and fastest ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3. Video 2 MP3 offers the simplest approach to extract music from YouTube. There is no registration required to use  Video 2 MP3. All you need to use the video2MP3 official website to download YouTube video to MP3, all you need us copy and paste the YouTube video URL to a Video 2 MP3 video converter column and click on the convert button.

There is no need to YouTube to MP3 converter software to download YouTube video and extract MP3 from YouTube videos. There is no need for captchas verification to use the YouTube to MP3 converter website.

The procedure to use Video 2 MP3 is simple and direct. The standalone website portrays a direct process to convert YouTube video to MP3.

Video2MP3 has a website extension called “Video 2 MP3 YouTube MP3 converter” to extract MP3 from YouTube and download the extracts as an MP3 to be played in the background on your Android phone.

Video 2 MP3 Mozilla Firefox Browser’s Plugin

Just like SaveFrom Chrome and Mozilla browsers extension, Video 2 MP3 has a special browser’s plugin for Mozilla Firefox to grab YouTube video and convert the video MP3 directly from YouTube video homepage.

Following the procedure below you will be able to download and install Video 2 MP3 Mozilla Firefox plugin to grab YouTube MP3 directly from YouTube homepage.

1. Go to YouTube Browser plugin homepage or click this link to access the entire Mozilla YouTube to MP4 plugin

2. Enable the YouTube to MP3 plugin and visit YouTube video hosting site

3. Play the video and click on the plugin to grab the video MP3.

Once the video has been successfully converted to MP3 just click on the download button to download the YouTube video as MP3.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 Using Video 2  MP3.COM

Without wasting much time, to download YouTube using video 2 MP3 standalone website follow the procedure below. Meanwhile, the simplest approach to convert YouTube to MP3 is using the simple approach in this post by video2MP3.

1. Go to YouTube and copy the video URL you want to download its music

2. Go to Video 2 MP3 homepage

3. Paste the video URL into the column provided in videotoMP3 website


4. Click on the “convert to MP3” button

5. The conversion process will begin and after successful conversion. Select .MP3 from the drop menu and click the convert button.


6. The YouTube video will begin conversion. On the next page, you will be asked to include tags and name on your YouTube to MP3. You can ignore this and click the continue button.


7. Click on download to download the video as MP3.

Video 2 MP3

After you have successfully converted the YouTube video to MP3 with the video2MP3 standalone you can go ahead to download it. However, if you are busy you can just come back 2-4 hours later to download it before the converted MP3 will be deleted from convert2MP3’s server.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 using Video 2 MP3 Add-ons

This approach is even simpler when you want to download YouTube video as MP3. The video 2 MP3 standalone website offers a free Add-ons to grab music from YouTube video without copying the video URL and paste it on the video2MP3 standalone website for conversion.

Following the procedure below you will be able to download YouTube video as MP3 using either Google Chrome, Opera Mini, and Mozilla Firefox video 2 MP3 browser’s extension.

1. Download and install the video2MP3 extension from the link provided and extract the plugin which is .rar

Video 2 MP3

2. Open a new tab and visit YouTube after you have successfully installed the plugin on your choice of browser.

3. Click on the video2MP3 plugin you installed to grab the video MP3 and you will be redirected to for conversion.

Video 2 MP3

4. Click on the convert button to start converting the video to MP3 instantly and after conversion, you can go ahead to download the MP3 within 4 hours before the converted MP3 will be removed from the website’s server.

Video 2 MP3 and convert2MP3 are the best online tools to convert YouTube to MP3. Both video2MP3 and convert2MP3 makes YouTube to MP3 conversion very easy for a none-techie person.

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