How To Watch Super Bowl 50 Online & Pubs/Restaurants Open Around Europe

Super Bowl 2016 mark another history in the history of American Super Bowl game. The 2016 Super Bowl will the golden jubilee for the Super bowl game as the celebrated 50th edition of the game in American sports. For days now, CBS broadcasting has been spending a lot on advertisement on virtually all platforms to create awareness about the super Bowl 50 event on the way. Come February 7th, Sunday Super Bowl 50 will kickoff.

So for you not miss out single game in the Super Bowl Golden Jubilee, you may have to be able to watch the Super Bowl 50 online, by streaming it directly on your device. CBS broadcasting station are the official broadcasting rights holder for the 2016 Super Bowl, popular called Super Bowl 50, and overtime, they have been broadcasting it over different means.


Here is the easiest way to watch Super Bowl 50 in USA, Canada, New Zealand, German, and other countries.

Super Bowl 50 Live Coverage In USA

According to CBS broadcasting earlier this year, Super Bowl 50 coverage will be more expensive compared to how it used to be in the past years. Most cable in United State offers free-to-air CBS Sport Channel. And below are the indisputable means you can use to watch Super Bowl 50 live on Sunday.

TV: CBS is available on most cable provider in US
Computer & Tablets: You will be able to stream Super Bowl 50 live on which is the official site.
Smartphones: Download NFL mobile app but the app is only available for Verizon customers only.

How To Watch Super Bowl 50 Outside US

As an American, you already know how to watch Super Bowl 50 online and but if you a Super Bowl fan outside America, here are the best means to watch the 2016 Super Bowl live.

United Kingdom: BBC had already signed a 2 years deal with NFL back in 2015, and with that you will be able watch Super Bowl 50 and 51 live on BBC sport in the United Kingdom and Ireland. And for the SkySport subscribers, you will also enjoy Super Bowl 50 live on the channel.

Canada: For the Canadian, CTV will continue to broadcast the NFL and Super Bowl 50 live

Australia: The Australian has no problem to watching Super Bowl 50. Seven Network free-to-air has the will be broadcasting 2016 Super Bowl live.

Spain: Not sure, but chance is for Canal+ to broadcast Super Bowl 50 live

Others: For others who resides outside the aforementioned European countries might be able to watch the 2016 Super Bowl on terrestrial platform.

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