What is Torrent Site and How does Torrenting Sites Work

What is Torrent

If you want to understand Torrent and how it works, you first needs to understand what BitTorrent is all about.

Torrent is found in BitTorrent, so there is no way you can start talking about Torrent sites without mentioning BitTorrent.

Moreover, if you have been on the internet for a while now, there is a possibility for you to have heard about Torrenting sites or even download from these Torrenting websites.

So, before we take a look at what is Torrent, let first take a look at BitTorrent and how it relates to Torrent sites.

What is Torrent

What is BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is a file sharing sites using peer-to-peer protocol. It means that you as a leacher will not only be able to download Torrent files from the seeder, which is the real file uploader but you will also have access to part from the leacher to maximize the rate with which data is being exchanged.

So, when a large file is to be transferred, Torrenting sites are often used with no centralized server yet the files will still get distributed as expected. In this wise, we can now talk about what is Torrent.

What is Torrent?

Torrent is simply a BitTorrent file extension format. That, it is the file format in which a BitTorrent files are shared peer-to-peer to the leachers.

So if you are download files from any Torrenting website you have to take note that the format extension is Torrent.

Despite the popularity of Torrents website, they get shut down often. As new Torrenting websites got shut down another resurface again. For that being said, then the next thing you want to ask is how does Torrenting website works?

In the next section, we will consider how Torrent or Torrenting websites works


When you want to download any file from the internet, you computer will connect to the web server and grant you access to download the file directly to your computer.

Which implies that, each time you want to download files from the internet you will have to connect your computer to the internet and your computer via the internet connect to a web server to download the exact file.

However, in the case of BitTorrent there is a need for peer-to-peer protocol for you to be able to download the file you are searching for. In a simple language, it means that you don’t need a centralized server to download files from Torrenting websites.

From a technical point of view, you computer will first load .Torrent extension file in the mother file, BitTorrent client and then joins a BitTorrent swarm which contains Torrent tracker specified in loaded .Torrent file.

Addendum, once you are connected, the client downloads files in small piece and once the other far end client has data, it may begin to start uploading the data to other BitTorrenting client in swarm.

Which means that, no one is only uploading and downloading. It means that every client download and upload at the same time whenever the download Torrent extension files.

What makes Torrenting websites unique is that, supposed 2500 people are downloading exact same files at the same time worth 20GB it can result to lot of loads for a centralized data but because of BitTorrent protocol if only a leacher is to upload it for others to download, and in that wise each downloader contributes a bit of upload bandwidth to the other downloaders at the far end.

How to Download Torrent Files

Before you can download a Torrent file you need a Torrent search engine and install a viable Torrent client, and whenever you are on a Torrenting sites and you want to download any files with Torrent, your browser will auto-open your installed Torrent server and you file will start downloading and uploading to other client at the same time.


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