WhatsApp Web For iPhone and How to Set It Up

The interest of WhatsApp web for iPhone has been finally established for iOS users, and the can start surfing with WhatsApp web for iPhone around the world. While the release is of recent and it might have not circulated over the air, nevertheless we have brought to your how to set up WhatsApp web for iPhone and have it done in a matter of minutes without any hiccups.

WhatsApp web for iPhone

WhatsApp came right on web just this year, and you can all use your WhatsApp on PC without your phone and this can be used virtually on all platform except iOS but the good news is that, it has been officially added that iOS user can now use WhatsApp web for iPhone and the downside is that the roll isn’t complete yet and you may have to wait for a while but before that, it will be nice if you know what to do as to how to set up the new support on your iOS device.

How To Set Up WhatsApp web On iPhone

Following the exact step I am about sharing, you will be able to set up Whatsapp web for your iOS device when it finally arrives.

1. Launch Whatsapp on your iPhone

2. Click on settings right at the bottom of the app

  1. Then click on WhatsApp web
  2. Click on the “Scan QR code” option
  3. Now open Whatsapp on your browser (computer browser) and scan the QR code with your iOS device to do the settings

And that is all what you need to set up WhatsApp web for iPhone and you are good to go. With this done, you can now start to give your Smartphone a break and keep sending and receiving messages on your web browser while surfing. Note that, you can share photos, video etc as both devices will henceforth be synchronized and you can easily start up your conversation with which ever device that is currently at your disposal.

The fact that WhatsApp is currently rolling out this for iOS user, it might not be available for all sundry for now, but when the rolling out is completely done; iPhone user should be able to find it updated at the store.

Have you heard about WhatsApp web for iPhone before now? Do you love this latest development from WhatsApp?

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