Windows Phone Recovery Tool And Update Download

Windows phone recovery tool brings Windows phone to defaut when thing goes wrong with your device. The importance of windows phone recovery tool goes beyond just downloading it but you cannot over look what this tool could do when you mistakenly bricked your windows phone in order to revive the phone back to its normal functionality.

When your windows phone failed to respond or start malfunctioning, you can always count on Windows phone recovery tool at all time. Getting stocked with your device firmware installation or experiencing some difficulties while trying to update your windows phone OS, you can as well count on this tool as well to factory reset your windows phone.

How To Use Windows Phone Recovery Tool On Your Windows Phone

Once you are done with the installation of Windows phone recovery tool on your start, then you are on the right path to reset your phone to default or find a lasting solution to your brick device.

How To Solved Bricked Windows Phone Issue

If your windows phone mistakenly bricked for one reason or the order, with this tool you will be able to resolve the brick issue with just a click. Some precaution measure must be taken when you make am attempt to recover your bricked windows phone. Not that you must fully charged your phone before you kick stating and ensure that you have a backup of your device before anything otherwise you will not gain access to them again as they will be erased during this process.

Now connect your windows phone to your computer and launch the Windows phone recovery tool, the tool will discover your phone, unlock your device if locked and hit the confirmation button if your device is detected.  The tool will compare your phone’s firmware, if the device firmware is the latest, the tool will let you know otherwise you will be prompt to update your Windows phone firmware by installing the latest version of your device from your computer.

 In case you phone is not detect automatically, click on phone not detected and follow the on screen instruction  and ensure there is connection between your phone and your computer, then click on install button.

Windows phone recovery toolThe installation of the new firmware on your device should not take more than 15 minutes depending on your internet connection.  Once this is done on your bricked windows phone, your phone will assume the position as if it is new or your just unbox it. Behold, everything has passed away and old things have become new.

How To Download Windows Phone Recovery Tool

There are two downloading link for windows phone recovery tool, thus you have to choose your windows phone version. Download windows phone recivery tool for Lmia phone running windows phone 8 or newer version, and if you are running the older version of windows phone, download the recovery tool to your computer and other Nokia phones.

With windows phone recovery tools you can easily reset your device and resolve any brick issue on your device.

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