YouTube On Apple TV 2: aTV Update Restored It

YouTube and Apple TV 2 part ways around May this year and it brings a lot of frustration to Apple TV 2 users and older versions of Apple TV. During this period, it was not an easy task copying with Apple TV2 without YouTube for users and this created a better chance for YouTube and Netflix to gain ground and became the most used apps on this platform. The rumour over the internet was that Apple intentionally parts ways with YouTube so that they could sell out more of the newest version, but we cannot ascertain the truth behind Apple TV and YouTube parting their own way. Users really enjoyed the less of Apple TV without YouTube on Apple TV 2

YouTube on Apple TV 2

But fortunate enough, the latest update of aTV has restored again YouTube on Apple TV 2.

The third party software for Apple TV 2, aTV flash has just released a new update and the news of it all is that YouTube is back live on Apple TV 2 through a new YouTube plugin.

With the release of aTV flash (black) 2.6, we have built an all-new native YouTube plugin that provides many of the most popular YouTube features that were so rudely taken away from our loyal ATV2 fans last may. This new YouTube plugin works on any ATV2 running Apple TV 5.2 or later.

YouTube on Apple TV 2 YouTube on Apple TV 2

Before you can use this software, you must have jailbroken your Apple TV and current version of Firecore’s SeasOnPass makes that happen so fast.

How To Update To The New aTV Flash (black) 2.6

The first thing you need to do to enjoy YouTube on Apple TV 2 once again start with updating your aTV flash to the latest version so as to have the newly included plugin feature. To do this, you will have to log in to your Firecore account and download the latest version of the installer. Chances are that for you to be running aTV version 2.5, you will still have to download the new version before you can bring back YouTube on your Apple TV 2.

With this new update, you should be able to bring back YouTube on Apple TV 2 again and start flexing but don’t forget there is a need for you to jailbroken your device before the third party software can be used.

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